Month: February 2008

Sleep through the night

Vierte sleeps beside me since we got home. He has a crib which was inherited from my cousins and a new one as well a gift he got when he was baptized. When Coy was home for the holidays he insisted that Vierte sleeps on his crib and not with us but I refused too since I can’t sleep well when he’s on the crib. I tend to wake-up every five minutes to check on him and when its feeding time i would have to get up and get him. With him sleeping beside me feeding time is easy, I just need to give him his “nanan” right there and there both of us lying in bed, I get better sleep but not that long deep sleep I wish I could have. I haven’t notice though if he’s now able to sleep through the night as when I sense him moving I either give him a hug or feed him. It would be ideal if he sleeps in his crib though just so he won’t …

Photoshoot at Blow-up Babies

during my pregnancy I so wanted to have a photoshoot but coy declined since we need to save and when we inquired at Blow-Up babies it was quite expensive. Last December though I managed to get Coy’s approval and we headed to Gateway mall for the photoshoot. This is our first as a family and first for Vierte as well. The shoot was really expensive that Coy commented this be done on a yearly basis only unless I get to find another studio who does the same thing at a lower cost. Initially I planned to take Vierte monthly but can’t kasi no extra money for it. Anyway below are the photos that we had printed out. this is the only shot out of the 10 taken of us three that Vierte faced the camera. we had a hard time making him smile. He was annoyed with the camera flash so all we got was a grumpy and poker face. oh well it still turned out good.

First Tummy Roll

One of vierte’s first caught on camera! Well, its actually the 2nd successful tummy roll he did for the day. Bernadette and I was beside him in bed when he just rolled and viola he managed to do so without our help, im such a proud mama!When I told Coy about this his reply was “Love, make sure you sorround Vierte with pillows, and make sure that he’s not left alone in bed.”