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Fried Tikoy Nian Gao Recipe

Tikoy / Nian Gao Recipe

Philippines has a big Chinese population and we have inherited a lot of their traditions. Binondo is the capital’s China town where you can find the famous Eng Bee Tin which sells traditional Chinese sweets like hopia, ampao rice, mooncake and tikoy. Celebrating Chinese New Year is not complete if one doesn’t get to eat tikoy (Nian Gao), coated with egg and fried. Consider yourself lucky when you receive one as a gift because it means that the person wishes you luck. In Dubai we can’t find any stores selling Nian Gao, worry not because it is easy to make.

Simbang Gabi and How to make Bibingka

We have spent 5 Christmases as an expat family here in Dubai. It is during this season that we get homesick with all the festivities happening in the city and back home. The last time my mom, siblings and I celebrated Christmas together was 2006. Today, December 16 marks the first day of Simbang Gabi (Misa de Gallo)  which marks the official countdown for the grand Christmas feast. Although simbang gabi literally means night mass, Filipino Catholics wake up early morning (5 am) for nine consecutive days to join the celebration of dawn mass. It is also believed that when you complete nine dawn mass, your wish will come true.

New Christmas Tradition: Secret Society of Bubblers + Giveaway

  I was looking for new activities for our advent calendar when I chanced upon The Secret Society of Bubbler’s last year (didn’t get to use it then because it was delivered 2 days before Christmas). One of the best things during this season is recapturing the magic of Christmas with our children. All the forgotten traditions becomes extra special and fun again – decorating tree, sending holiday cards and singing carols. What is The Secret Society of Bubblers? is a Christmas adventure kit that encourages kid’s imagination around the concept of kindness actively encourage kids to seek out opportunities to be extra kind. strives to promote kindness to combat bullying trend. teaches kids that being good is not just “not be naughty”, instead equate good to being kind