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our Vierte is 3 month old today

little man,

at this stage you are becoming more aware of those around you and recognize us as well. for the two weeks that mommy has been back to work there where 3 incidents that you woudn’t want me to let go of you. when I pass you on to your Tita Badette or Yaya Michelle you scream and cry. you’re also becoming more talkative and would sometimes reply (“wooo” “aaaa”) when a question is being asked. one day I got a call from your Tita since you wouldn’t stop crying, even your favorite rattle didn’t calm you down, but when you heard my voice you stopped crying, that incident made me want to just leave the office and cuddle you.

we noticed you staring at your hands and doing the “close-open” gesture which surely made your Lola Bing happy as she is claiming as the one who taught you. you have also taken comfort in sucking your fingers which mostly happens when you’re hungry or is about to sleep.

you sleep longer at night now.

when lying flat on your tummy you are able to raise your head without difficulty.

you don’t like camera’s. when you see one you give us a poker face and would refuse to give your sweet smile.

you now recognize your name. when called out you turn to the person. people in the house call you “vierte”, “vierts”, “caidoy”, and “kiel”.

you can now hold your bear rattle and reach out to things above you.

length: 65 cms

weight: 7kg

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