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Photoshoot at Blow-up Babies

during my pregnancy I so wanted to have a photoshoot but coy declined since we need to save and when we inquired at Blow-Up babies it was quite expensive.
Last December though I managed to get Coy’s approval and we headed to Gateway mall for the photoshoot. This is our first as a family and first for Vierte as well.
The shoot was really expensive that Coy commented this be done on a yearly basis only unless I get to find another studio who does the same thing at a lower cost. Initially I planned to take Vierte monthly but can’t kasi no extra money for it.
Anyway below are the photos that we had printed out.

this is the only shot out of the 10 taken of us three that Vierte faced the camera.

we had a hard time making him smile. He was annoyed with the camera flash so all we got was a grumpy and poker face.

oh well it still turned out good.
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Hi, my name is Abigail a stay at home Mama of two LittleOnes and currently residing in Dubai, UAE since 2009. This is my little space online where I share activities, places we've been, food we enjoy and snippets of our daily expat life. ‘Cuddles and Crumbs’ is a combination of the two main things I share on this blog: cuddles (family) and crumbs (food).


  1. balikbayan_box says

    Wow great pics Gail!Hmmm Vierte looks like Coy hehehe ok sige na nga a bit of you and coy.Anyways, paki chnage lang yuyng url ng blog ko itshttp://balikbayanbox.pansitan.netthank you!

  2. Yes, he does look like his dad. But on his dad’s side they say Vierte looks like me. :*ive updated your blog addy.

  3. Liza's Eyeview says

    Instead of spending the money on the studio, I suggest you get a real good digital camera. It’s so much better to catch all those “Kodak moments” – you know what I mean :)Once a year professional photo shoot is good. Maybe every birthday.

  4. morks says

    hi! your photo shoot looks really nice 🙂 how much was the session for? and by the way, vierte is such a cute name. :)

  5. gail says

    hi ris!i think the photo session cost is 500 then yung print of pictures would depend on the package/size. per photoshoot 3 theme’s ang pwede

  6. morks says

    ooh. so separate pa yung photo printing. parang medyo mahal nga no? 🙂 thanks for the info ha. i was thinking of getting mia a package too eh.ris

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