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Chloe Isabelle – 4 months old

Oh October what a busy month that I almost forgot to post that our Chloe turned 4 months old. Time is flying fast but each day we are full of joy. Chloe is such a happy baby that just lights up a gloomy day! His Kuya V loves to cheer her whenever she tries to roll to her tummy and back. Although she would sometimes shower her brother with vomit kisses he just adores and love her to bits.



We have been attending a baby massage class and she just loves every stroke. It’s also our first mom-baby group activity, there’s just some joy when you are around babies and listening to stories of other Mum assures one that we are doing the best thing we can for our babies.



At four months old:

  • Weighs 6.2 kgs and is 63.5 cm long
  • Received her 2nd dose of DTap, PCV, and Rotavirus vaccines
  • Manages to sleep on her own (I put her down on the crib half awake).
  • Sleeps on her back or tummy and no more swaddling
  • Laughs! (Just gives so much joy to her brother)
  • Responds with coo’s and giggles when we talk to her.
  • Rolls to tummy
  • Reaches for toys


We have been out on most weekends attending birthday parties and she’s such a people person giving each who greets her a smile (except when it’s her sleeping time).

Thank your for giving us so much joy my love!



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