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Emergency Pediatric Response Course


As parents we try to do our best for our children. Provide them the best care and safe environment. One of our ultimate goal is to keep them healthy and safe at all times.


When I had V my sister Bernadette who is a nurse stayed with us and supervised over V’s nanny whenever I’m in the office. One of the things that she did was teach V’s nanny basic things on what to do in an emergency, I myself really didn’t bother learning any well since my sister was with me at all times. We moved to Dubai no more Tita B to help me out with V, it was just me, Vierte and Daddy C.


Being a mum (a parent) you have a lot of what if’s…What if my newborn fall from the bed? What if my baby chokes? What if my kid drowns? What if my child stops breathing?


In case of emergency, are you ready?

My answer: No, I’m not ready.


One sad incident happened in one of the emirates where 2 nannies died while trying to save a toddler from drowning and his mom was trying her best to revive the boy by doing a CPR (she copied what she saw on TV). Read more about it here.


Reading news of children falling from the balcony, injured because of car accidents, or in the news above drowning. If I am in any of the situation I wouldn’t know how to respond.


After reading this post from Ginger&Scotch I was once again reminded how important it is to know how to respond on emergencies. I’ve been trying to organize a private class with some friends but sadly we still lack participants. Hopefully I get to organize one before the year ends.


Last week I received an email from Layla of the Back to Basics team informing me that I was one of the winners of their facebook competition which entitles me a place on Parents Emergency Pediatric Response Course (EPR).


I won after answering this question “following a UAE University study in Al Ain, what percentage of children in the UAE were identified as travelling unrestrained (not in car seat/not wearing seatbelt) when they travel?” answer is 98%


Our lovely instructor Rim started off by asking if we knew Dubai’s emergency number, which by the way is 999. The challenge on the receiving end of your 999 call is when the caller panics and fails to properly describe the situation and give proper directions.


She did a fantastic job explaining topics on preparing home for an emergency, respond to unconscious infant/child, recovery of infant/child, and responding to choking & drowning;  patiently assisted us during our hands-on training on rescue breathing, CPR for infant and child, and recovery position, all done using a demo baby & adult (half body) doll.

Rim ended the course by reminding us to prepare an Important Documents folder/bag (I already have this place near our main door with extra cash)  and an In case of emergency card with contains information on what numbers to call, your address with landmarks  (especially important if you have visitors or babysitter).


After our 3-hours course I am empowered with the knowledge on how to respond during emergency. Looking forward to take the next course which is First aid for infants & children. 


Back to Basics offer courses catered to home help as well and available in 5 different languages. The team is also available for private classes at the comforts of your chosen place.


Once again my question to you is – In case of emergency, are you prepared?



 Please visit Back to Basics website for information on courses available as well as schedule and pricing, you can also like their facebook page here.


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