Year: 2012

Chloe’s Tummy Roll

A  baby milestone happened today. While I was preparing her clothes and water for bath. I came back with a sight  of our little princess on her tummy. Shrieked with joy and clap my hands, she laughed along with me. I rolled her back with a camera on my hand and waited for her to do it again. She just stared at me as if saying “What’s the big deal Mum?!”

10 days till he turns 5

Mom I will be 5 soon right? When I’m 5 Kuya will be a big boy already! October is a special month for us. I gave birth to a special surprise from up above. C and I welcomed a baby boy and we named him Markus Ezekiel. Last week, while I was busy attending to Chloe’s needs Vierte approached me and said “When I was a little baby you also take care of me all the time, right Mama?” I sensed that he badly need to have some mommy time so the moment Chloe took her nap I showed him my old blog posts when he was still a baby. “Ohh mama you love me so much when I was a baby right? and now I’m big boy you still love me right?”  “Yes I do! Remember that you will always be Mommy’s first baby and will always be my baby even when you have a girlfriend.” “Mom! I don’t have a girlfriend. I will say I love you to you always Mama”   We …

Preparing for your child’s Baptism in Dubai

*Please visit St. Mary’s Catholic Church website for any changes. September 6 marked one of the important event in our lives, our daughter Chloe Isabelle received the Sacrament of Baptism at St. Mary’s Catholic Church. We were absolutely clueless on what are the procedures in having our daughter baptized here. Basic information on what you need to do is available here but I wanted to talk to someone who actually had it done here. Luckily my friend Lanie had their daughter Elise baptized here, so there I was bugging her everyday. Today I’m sharing with you what procedures/steps we did to have our child Baptized here in Dubai. 1) Attend Baptism preparation seminar. Visit church website for any changes. The Baptism preparation seminar is held on the Second Friday of every month from 8.30 am till 10.00 am in the mini hall. Parents and God-parents MUST attend this seminar before requesting Baptism for their child. It is recommended that parents attend the seminar before the birth of their child. (as of June 2014) You don’t need to get prior registration …

Chloe Isabelle is 3 months

Our Princess you’re growing up fast. You have rewarded Mommy with 3-4 hours of sleep at night and unlike your Kuya you sleep in your crib. Swaddling helped you sleep from my arms to crib and you can even sooth yourself to sleep.  For morning naps you either sleep on your bouncer our flat on your tummy. Just recently you discovered your hands and feet. You would stare at them cute fingers and laugh when you get to lift your feet up. Daddy is having fun watching you lift your head while you hold on to his fingers.

At The Top

We have finally reached the top of Burj Khalifa! For months now I’ve been planning my Nanay Lynda’s visit here in Dubai. We’ve been emailing back and forth on what they want to do. A little background Nanay Lyn is my mom’s best friend. They argue (& cry) at the same time shouting at each other and laugh like there’s no tomorrow. Nanay, her kids and husband Uncle Lee are basically family to us. I like having family or friends visiting Dubai because it also give’s us a chance to be a tourist in a city we have learned to love and consider home. First day highlight is to visit The Top of Burj Khalifa. I’ve purchased our ticket a week before they arrived which advisable since you get it cheaper than buying the ticket the day. Buying ticket online cost 100Dhs while the immediate entry ticket cost 400Dhs. You can view the cost and reserve tickets here.     You have an option to buy a viewing card you can use for the telescope. …