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Farmer’s Market Fun with Kids

“Are there any activities for the kids to do?”

No bouncy castles. No face painting. No balloon twisting.

I prefer it that way, less distractions and more appreciation on what the Farmer’s Market has to offer. Take it as an opportunity to teach your kids where the food came from.

Here’s how you can make it fun:

  • First, eat something. Baker and Spice has a wide range of breads and healthy breakfast options for you to choose.  Any hungry person is no fun to be with, so make sure you grab something to eat.

  • Make a list.  You can do this before going or work on the list as you stroll around the market. Fruits and vegetable vary every week. Early readers can practice reading from the list or ask school age kids to help you spell out the words.
  • Once you’ve completed your list, decide on what you need and work on menu for the week. Ask suggestion from your LittleOnes. Watch the cooking demo and get some ideas.
  • Introduce them to the community. Let them have a big kid conversation with farmers, chefs and fellow shoppers. It’s also a way for them to meet amazing people in the market. I told V that we met a lady farmer, he was so amazed (hey, girls can be farmers too).
  • Try a new vegetable/fruit. Grab a fruit or vegetable you haven’t had before and ask your farmer suggestions on how best to prepare them.
  • Let your kids smell and touch each vegetable they see. Describe the color, texture and smell.
  • Practice counting. Ask you toddler’s help put fruits in the bag and count as you go. LitlleMiss Chloe is happy doing this task and counts 1, 3, 3, 10. Tell them that how many and what size to get.
  • Big brother V who is in grade 2 gets to practice his math skills by comparing prices and practice addition & subtraction. Right down each cost and check on your next visit if they have increased cost.
  • Relax and enjoy the scene. The Farmer’s Market is held at the Ballroom Gardens at Jumeirah Emirates Towers. The location is lovely, a lot of trees and grass, you can just sit and watch your kids run around.


Getting our kids involved make them feel important and because they are busy helping us, less complains and more fun!

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The Farmer’s Market on the Terrace, held every Friday (till May) from 8 am till 1 pm at Bay Avenue Park, Al A’amal St., Bay Avenue Business Bay.  Get updates on their facebook page.

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  2. Just when I suggested to Carlo that something should be organised for the kids… I am having to rethink and say – yes, there are many things for the kids to learn! I do have your cute daughter captured in my post. Thanks for the pingback:)

  3. You have put into words everything I believe about taking children to the farmers’ market and more. What an excellent post and thank you so much for the link.

  4. Joanna @mumbalance says

    I love farmer’s markets, but unfortunately we can’t visit every week. It takes too long and would mean we don’t get to do other activities on the weekend.
    Some great advice on making a trip to farmer’s market a learning experience!

  5. I totally agree about letting the kids be there to experience the actual market. We’ve been there once and it was nice. Maybe they could organize a couple of activities for kids like cooking classes…something intereactive to let the kids learn about the food they are about to eat! 🙂

      • As many times as the bouncy castle has saved me so I could have a moment to eat without the usual mayhem, it is nearly impossible to get them out of there! I hate going anywhere because it’s all about drawing your child in with bubbles or shiny things…then I have to be the bad guy and say “no.” 😦

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