Month: March 2015

Weekend Fun:Emirates Airline Literature Festival & Westin’s Pik-Nik

We are excited for the weekend! Our March started off with Kuya V’s term 2 examination (a two weeks stress for me), a good friend will spend the weekend with us and a stay-cation to a nearby Emirate. I have been planning to go meet an author or watch a show at Emirates Airline Literature Festival, but never really got a chance too. Told the boys about the programs this year and both chose to watch the War Horse Puppet show and meet the author of Exploding Loo – Rachel Hamilton.

Fried Tikoy Nian Gao Recipe

Tikoy / Nian Gao Recipe

Philippines has a big Chinese population and we have inherited a lot of their traditions. Binondo is the capital’s China town where you can find the famous Eng Bee Tin which sells traditional Chinese sweets like hopia, ampao rice, mooncake and tikoy. Celebrating Chinese New Year is not complete if one doesn’t get to eat tikoy (Nian Gao), coated with egg and fried. Consider yourself lucky when you receive one as a gift because it means that the person wishes you luck. In Dubai we can’t find any stores selling Nian Gao, worry not because it is easy to make.

Sweetest Cupcake Mommy Craft

Sweetest Cupcake Craft for Mommy

Mother’s day is celebrated in the UAE on March 21st. In the Philippines, mother’s day is celebrated every 2nd Sunday of May. For this craft we made use of basic shapes of circle, hearts, triangle, and square. Things you need: Paper plates Cut-out shapes: hearts, oval, square, triangle Glue Scissors Washi tapes Assorted embelishments   How to make Cupcake on Paper craft: As you can see on the first photo above you have the option to stick all shapes or by shape. Then design the way you like it. I provided LittleMiss similar size of Washi tapes and gave her instructions on where to stick. She then dab a glue on the “cake” part and designed with embelishments. To highlight the shapes we traced the corners with marker. Lastly, make it more special by writing your special message to Mommy. Bonus: Mommy won’t put on an extra inch in her waist 🙂