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Lunchbox Review: OmieBox

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I have been packing my kids school lunches in an OmieBox several times for the past school year. Now, my kids and I can give you our thoughts on this product.

OmieBox is the only compartment style lunch available in the market that is capable of storing both hot and cold food. Perfect for kids who enjoy hot meals for lunch.


  • Tons of space, each compartment is a whole thumb deep which means you can pack a lot of food to satisfy a big appetite.
  • The handle makes it easy for the kids to carry around without the need to pack it inside another bag.
  • Leak-proof – each compartment is sealed individually, packing yoghurt is possible.
  • Insulated bowl is made of two layers of stainless steel. I pack hot food around 6am and the kids said it still is warm by break time which is around 10am.
  • A slider can give you an additional fourth compartment.
  • Utensils and juice box fit in the longer compartment.
  • Easy to clean. Seal and parts of the insulated container can be removed for a thorough cleaning.
  • The box is available in many retail stores and online shops across the UAE.

Chloe says: So pretty and I love the colors – teal (green) and yellow makes me happy.

Kuya V says: I like that I can eat warm food at school.


  • The compartments are deep which creates a lot of movement of the food. Depending on how your child handles the box fruits like bananas might get bruised and the fun designs you made might not look the same by the time your kids open it.
  • While the slider gives you another space, you can only pack dry things in the compartment where you use it.
  • Opening and closing the box took some practice especially for Chloe.
  • The food do stay warm but you have to make sure that you pre-heat the insulated bowl and fill it with pipping hot food.
  • When the insulated bowl is not packed and the lid is not straight up, the box can tip backwards because the lid is much heavier than the bottom.
  • It is expensive compared to other bento boxes but you do get what you pay for. TIP: watch out for discount codes offered in some UAE online shops OR ask a relative residing in the US to get one for you.

Chloe says: Opening the hot food bowl is difficult, my teacher helps me though.  It is my heaviest lunch box. (Mom’s note: I get this “heavy” complain when the insulated bowl is in.)

Kuya V says: Colors are too bright (good for small kids not me) and it takes a lot of space when I put it inside my school bag. (Mom’s note: He’s 11 yrs old and wants to stay away from “childish” stuff)

I noticed a gap on the right side of our box when closed, which was more obvious on our Sunshine Yellow. So, I sent an inquiry to OmieLife team and got a reply. Check photos below.

OmieBox is available to purchase at MumzWorld & Tavola website and stores across the GCC. Retail price is AED 179.

Below are some lunches I have packed in our OmieBoxes. Follow me on Instagram for more #LetsMakeLunchFun box ideas and join our Facebook lunch packing group.

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  2. Lovely lunch boxes Abigail. Thanks for sharing your review of the Omie, it helps a lot in deciding which lunch box to purchase for this school year for Prince.

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