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Vierte clowning to 5

V chose a clown cake design to celebrate his 5th birthday. He gave me specific instructions on how his cake will look like. We asked him if he wanted to have a big party or special gifts from us. All he wanted was clown cake for school, chocolate muffins, Oreo bites and special gifts. Baked a chocolate cake on a bowl pan so the face wont be flat but the cake turned out to be dry so I decided to use round 6″ inches baking pan thus a flat face for this clown. So sorry for giving you a flat face happy clown. Before leaving for school V made us promise that we bring his sister to school as well. The joy on his face when we revealed the cake in front of his friends was priceless. “My mom made that for me!” We learned a lesson from last years 4th birthday dragon cake to not make a mess on the classroom. Instead of slicing the cake for the kids to enjoy each one had a vanilla …

Ladybug Cake

Ma, how old is my baby sister?  Vierte always ask me this question, after getting a reply he would get one of my cake books and start to plan a party for Chloe. When I told him that Chloe is turning a month old he already had a cake in mind. Vierte grab my 50 Easy Party Cake by Debbie Brown book and showed me the design (and he does insist that it’s a ladybug not ladybird) with instructions that it should be a chocolate cake with dark chocolate icing. LittleMan V also deserve a thank you cake. He got a mini bug cake. I love you Kuya Vierte and Baby Chloe! Both of you make Mommy and Daddy happy.

Fixing Swiss Meringue Buttercream

I’m quite intimidated with buttercream frosting or cake recipes that call for egg whites to be stiff or cooked. Why? I tend to overcook and over beat them and also it doesn’t help that I don’t have the patience. Time came when I finally decided to face my fears and make a batch of Swiss Meringue Buttercream (SMBC), like any other self taught baker I searched for tutorials online and found the post of Whisk-Kid and Sweetapolita to be very helpful in understanding the right procedure to make a perfect SMBC. My first batch of SMBC was perfect! Everything went well I didn’t experience the soupy or curdled mess and had a smooth perfect oh so yummy frosting. I instantly fell in love with the frosting. I had my mind set to use peanut butter flavored SMBC to frost the wedding cake and so as the cake’s were cooling off inside the fridge there I was mixing 2 batches of frosting at 11pm and then the dreaded thing happened, one minute the mixture was in its perfect …

a Wedding Cake

I told my bride friend I’d post about the cake after I get a copy from the photographers but I just can’t wait any longer and have to share my latest achievement.   I’ve been busy for the past month preparing for this cake. Yes it did took a long time to plan-look for the right flowers, baking pans and just the perfect cake recipe.   Once I get the professional photos I’ll post more pictures with the cake recipe. For now, here is the latest cake (and my first wedding cake) from my kitchen.  

Happy 4th Birthday Vierte!

How time flies, 4 years back Mister God surprised C and I with a special gift our little man. Last October 17 he turned 4 years and all he wanted was McDonalds Nuggets with toy and Dragon Cake. When I asked him what cake he wanted for his birthday, V reached for my 50 Easy Party Cakes by Debbie Brown book and pointed on the green Dragon Cake but requested his dragon to be red “It’s my favorite color Mama.” Teacher asked us to be at the school by 9:30 am so the kids would have some time to enjoy the food and cake. But the traffic lights had a different plan and we arrived late about 9:45 am the kids were about to start eating snack. We didn’t have enough time to put the dragon eggs and take pictures with the cake plus C’s camera went bonkers on us and just wouldn’t allow us to take good photos. The kid’s reaction when they saw the cake was just priceless. V kept telling his classmates …

Ube Macapuno Cake Recipe for FIA’s Cake-a-Thon

My fun family of UAE food bloggers celebrated its 1st birthday at Tea Junction with a Cake-A-Thon party! FIA had a sugar high birthday celebration with not just 1 cake but more than 15 cakes! Imagine a full spread of cakes in front of you, just by looking at the yummy goodies you are off  to sugar When I wrote this birthday post last July, there was 56 of us and after 3 months we have grown to 70 foodies. I can’t put into words how blessed and happy I am to be part of this family. Arva announced that we are going to celebrate FIA birthday with cakes I initially planned to bring V’s favorite Moist Chocolate Cake then as I was checking if I had the ingredients C suggested to bring Ube Macapuno Cake (his favorite) since he was sure that there would be atleast 2 chocolate cake on the event. You can read more FIA birthday post from FooDee, GingerAndScotch, MyCustardPie, and IriniSavva. (I may be missing some posts, will edit list if …

a happy basketball day to my bana – C

C turned 33 last September 8 and we didn’t get to celebrate 😦 but I made him a basketball themed cupcake and cake that we shared among friends. His office big boss was in Dubai on his birthday week, he went home late to attend meetings and entertain guests who flew from Thailand and London. He instead had birthday dinner with them, to which V complained “Why no daddy? It’s night time and happy birthday today.” He’s not into big celebration for his birthday, and was even not too keen to bring the basketball themed cupcakes (above) in the office. “Ma why did you have to make yourself too busy forming fondant (he hates fondant) when all I wanted was plain chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing.” When he saw my sad face, “Love, I just don’t want you to get tired. Thank you for the cupcakes.” Yes, he’s appreciative and sweet that way.  I also want to make the cupcakes pretty! Would it not be more odd if I designed a 33 y.o grown man’s …

Teen Cake for Shiandra

  Shiandra like almost every teen I know loves Justin Bieber. I searched the www for a JB inspired cake but didn’t find any that suits my fancy then I remembered that Ate Shin loves to read book as well.   This is my first time to make a character out of fondant. I use Lorraine Mckay’s (of Extra Icing on the Cake)  tutorial on female character.   Underneath all that fondant is a yummy Moist Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache filling.