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BiCE Friday Brunch Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort

BiCE Ristorante Friday Brunch, Hilton JBR

A table brunch concept was something new to our family. Choose a dish you fancy from the menu which consists of 14 dishes – starters, pasta, mains and desserts. Marco Gigli, BiCE restaurant manager and Sudeera our server for the day suggested that we try everything from the menu. So we did. Among the starters our favorite was definitely the Burrata with Cherry Tomato and Pesto Sauce – all the elements worked really well and probably the best burrata we’ve ever had, both Prosciutto with cherry mozzarella, artichokes with rocket salad and Octopus carpaccio with lemon oil and crispy vegetable come in second place. All of the vegetables had that lovely fresh crunch and the sauce used for the salads which made use of different kinds of olive oils was delicious. When Sudeera noticed that we were almost done with our starters, he asked if we would like second helpings of starters and that he will notify the kitchen to prepare our pasta dishes. We were informed that it will take 15 minutes for the pasta dishes to arrive. A pause we …