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Boulevard Kitchen Grilled Calamari

Lunch at Boulevard Kitchen, Manzil Downtown

The whole stretch of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard offers various restaurants and has become a haven for food lovers. Our latest find came in a lunch invitation at Boulevard Kitchen of  Manzil Downtown. I gave our reservation details at the reception and they seem confused and surprised that we were there. A gracious lady asked where we want to be seated, the kids replied that they would love to sit outside, the courtyard area, she informed us that we can’t because it’s the smoking and shisha area. We settled at the corner table with a view of the open kitchen, the kids always enjoy watching the chef’s work. It was surprising that we were only handed a two pages lunch menu, refreshing as it gave an impression that the dishes were carefully chosen. They now have a 3 course menu selection with shisha for AED 119 per person from 12pm until 4pm. We started off with dishes from the Soup & Salad selection and chose Grilled Calamari Skewers and Smoked Salmon. Roasted peppers and tomato salsa with chili vinaigrette complimented well with the perfectly charred calamari. Even …