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Are you ready for Taste of Dubai?

One of the many festival that we look forward too is Taste of Dubai (TOD). TOD will feature about 30+ restaurants, and cooking demo with celebrity chef’s – V is looking forward to have his picture taken with Jeny Morris and Reza. We went to our first TOD last year, the choices were overwhelming and we just manage to try food from 4 prominent restaurants. That’s why this year I am preparing our list on “What to eat at TOD!” with the help of my foodie friends from Fooderati Arabia. Below is a list of food preview they had for TOD: PearTreeDiaries – Thiptara & Asado Taste of Dubai Preview IshitaUnblogged – Taste of Dubai Menu Tasting the Hedonista – Taste Teaser Foodiva – Taste of Taste of Dubai My Custard Pie – Simple Italian Food