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Fresh Fraiser Cake

Fresh Fraisiers for July Daring Bakers

20 something Jana of Cherry Tea Cakes was our July Daring Bakers’ host and she challenges us to make Fresh Frasiers inspired by recipes written by Elisabeth M. Prueitt and Chad Robertson in the beautiful cookbook Tartine. The day the challenge was revealed I was both scared, excited and full of questions – what if I don’t find the ingredients, what if I won’t be able to complete or if I totally fail? I stumbled upon Daring Bakers way back 2006 I applied, got accepted then I backed out and didn’t once again got the nerve to join the group, guess life back then was well kinda complicated. Here I am 5 years after my first attempt to be a Daring Baker actually completing a challenge but waited the last minute. Yes, I was studying the recipe for weeks and only managed to work on the challenge yesterday because my phone reminded me of the deadline. Lazy lazy me. This is my first time to incorporate fresh fruits on a cake, reading how to make Fresh Fraisier made me …