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Simbang Gabi and How to make Bibingka

We have spent 5 Christmases as an expat family here in Dubai. It is during this season that we get homesick with all the festivities happening in the city and back home. The last time my mom, siblings and I celebrated Christmas together was 2006. Today, December 16 marks the first day of Simbang Gabi (Misa de Gallo)  which marks the official countdown for the grand Christmas feast. Although simbang gabi literally means night mass, Filipino Catholics wake up early morning (5 am) for nine consecutive days to join the celebration of dawn mass. It is also believed that when you complete nine dawn mass, your wish will come true.

Guest Post: Fluffy Puto Rice Recipe (Filipino Steamed Rice Cakes)

I’m so excited to share my space with a good friend Maria who resides in Italy with her family. A little background- My Mama is best friends with Maria’s Nanay Lyn but we didn’t get to spend time (Maria and I) together growing up in Davao. They move to Australia. I got to spend time with Nay’ Lyn’s family for a few days when they stop-over at Manila before heading to Davao for their vacation. Maria and I both love baking and this topic started our friendship. We chatted about daily life and exchange tips and recipes on baking. We are planning to open our own cafe – which will happen once we are on the same timezone and country. Finally, after almost 2 years of convincing her to write a blog post here she is with her Puto Rice (Steamed Rice Cake) Recipe.   *** Hi, I’m Maria, your guest writer for today. Like my friend Gail, I’m an expat, married and a mother of 2 – An energetic and headstrong girl, Aurora and a velcro …

Cassava Cake

I have the pleasure of hosting Kulinarya Cooking Club’s February challenge with Marni of Kensington Kitchen. February is the love month of the year and what better way to celebrate February than to reminisce about once first love. We asked our fellow KCC to prepare a dish that would make one recall our first love. ohhh first love…Growing up I didn’t have any clear idea on what love really is. Back then love for me would be that cute stares across the table or that one nice gesture out of the blue. That happy feeling would last a day or two with numerous diary entries of what could happen tomorrow. Love is a fairy tale, I’m the princess waiting for my prince charming to rescue me from all the hardships and pain. I had my first heartbreak at 5 years old when I lost the one man in my life who gave me everything, my Papa. Since then I protected my heart but then some days I failed and met plenty of prince along the …