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Thank you, LittleOnes

Today, in the Philippines we celebrate Mother’s Day. I am blessed to be wearing the Mama hat for 8 years now. It has been a whirlwind of emotions to have that title. Everything thing that I do and every decision I make, revolves around how it will affect both my kids. I may have done something really good in my life to deserve two beautiful (crazy!) human in my life. Dear LittleOnes, Thank you for showing and teaching Mama what LOVE really is. I will never ever give up on you. On days when I seem too, please always remember that you hold the biggest spot in Mama’s heart. I love you forever and always. and to the Women in my life Each of you have taught me how to be the best Mama I can be. and to my husband, Daddy C Thank you for holding my hand and not letting go in this journey of ours called parenting. I am the Mama that I am because of your support.  

Sweetest Cupcake Mommy Craft

Sweetest Cupcake Craft for Mommy

Mother’s day is celebrated in the UAE on March 21st. In the Philippines, mother’s day is celebrated every 2nd Sunday of May. For this craft we made use of basic shapes of circle, hearts, triangle, and square. Things you need: Paper plates Cut-out shapes: hearts, oval, square, triangle Glue Scissors Washi tapes Assorted embelishments   How to make Cupcake on Paper craft: As you can see on the first photo above you have the option to stick all shapes or by shape. Then design the way you like it. I provided LittleMiss similar size of Washi tapes and gave her instructions on where to stick. She then dab a glue on the “cake” part and designed with embelishments. To highlight the shapes we traced the corners with marker. Lastly, make it more special by writing your special message to Mommy. Bonus: Mommy won’t put on an extra inch in her waist 🙂

Free Pizza for Mother’s Day

Pizza Express is giving all Mama’s accompanied by kids a free classic pizza to celebrate Mother’s Day (March 30). The special offer applies to all PizzaExpress restaurants* across the UAE, and includes their outlets at Ibn Battuta Mall, Al Safa Centre, Bin Sougat Centre, Dubai World Trade Centre and City Centre Fujairah. *Does not include Jazz@PizzaExpress

I love you Mum!

V excitedly announced that he prepared a surprise for me, daddy’s not allowed. I’ve been bugging him for a week about the surprise and he never gave in. Finally the day came he was up before his dad and was very excited to go to school. He even chose what dress I should wear and declared I look pretty. His class prepared song and dance for us Mums and gave each of us a card. “Mama when baby comes out I will teach her my song too for mother’s day.” I love you V!