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Noodles in any edible form is one family favorite. We celebrate birthday’s with pansit or pasta dish that symbolizes long life and we (Daddy C to be exact) need  some comforting we crave for some noodle soup and chocolate cake. Our close friend’s, the Cruz family,  invited us to Wagamama for some pre- Christmas celebration last year but it didn’t push through, Daddy C and I thought that it was just another Japanese restaurant in Dubai, we are loyal to our favorites – Tomo and Bentoya. We finally got a chance to dine at Wagamama at Al Fattan Tower, Jumeirah Beach Road. All of us were very hungry, stuck for almost 45 minutes and just a block away from the building. Browsing their online menu kept us busy (and hungry!), probably not the wisest decision but I want all of us to decide what to order so we don’t have to wait a long time for our food. The restaurant had a very relaxed atmosphere with long wooden tables that reminded me of school cafeteria only nicer. They already …

Panda Express

  Our LittleMan has a list of favorite restaurants, most of them Asian simply because they serve good cooked white rice. As V would say “Food would just not taste good without white rice.” V declared Panda Express as one of his favorite restaurant to date, he went straight to the counter and ordered his favorites, Orange Chicken & Honey Walnut Shrimp paired with Fried Rice. He enjoyed every bite and we were even surprised that he ordered fried rice.

Mattress Sanitazing Treatment by The Healthy Home

Both kids suffer from some kind of dust allergy. We are especially concerned about Kuya V’s almost daily morning sneeze and recurring wheezing cough. I don’t want him to go under Singular medication again. “Impurities and micro-organisms such as dust mites, bacteria, mold, fungi and viruses are easily brought into your home from your external environment through AC ducts/ventilation, shoes, bags, clothing and even your skin. “ To try and fight off his allergy we do the following – change bed/pillow sheets every week, vacuum and steam mattress 2x a week, wash pillows and sun-dry every month and lastly I insist on changing our pillows (we are a family of “sleeping droolers”) every year. I received an email from Mr. Hisham Jaber, one of the founders of The Healthy Home ME (HHME) offering us a complimentary mattress sanitizing treatment. I am aware of the company and have read about Corrine’s review here, I even joined several online competitions sponsored by the company but sadly didn’t win. I accepted the complimentary treatment and asked to be …