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Pronto Coffee Muffin

Pit stop for a quick bite

We are planning for an upcoming road trip to Al Ain with friends this month. Since the Dad’s are taking over the task of driving, my fellow moms and I are working on a list on where we can stop to get food. Road trip makes children bored and very hungry. It seems that stopping by a gasoline station is the best option for us – refill gas, have our car’s check, toilet visit and grab something to eat. We made a few stops at our neighborhood gasoline stations ENOC and EPPCO we discovered a bakery & coffee shop – Pronto. The kids remembered our long drive to Las Vegas last year and pointed out that it was similar to the stops we made. We prefer to pack food or stop by a restaurant on long road trips. Food I get to pack doesn’t stay warm plus eating inside the car gives me a bit of stress because the smell can cause nausea, the outcome I don’t want to encounter. It definitely is good to …