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HK Trip: Tian Tan Buddha

*This is a part of a series of posts about our 2013 vacation in Hong Kong”

Last year we enjoyed a 5 days vacation at Hong Kong with Daddy C’s side of the family. It was a first family vacation, all of Daddy C’s siblings were present along with kids and spouses which really made Mama Let (MIL) very happy.

I have already blogged on the food we enjoyed along Nathan Road, where our hotel was located.

Tita Crist (Daddy C’s younger sister) planned our HK itinerary, every detail of it – where to buy our Octopus card and what train or bus to take to reach our destination.

Octopus card is a handy card you can use to get your way around Hong Kong. Almost all means of public transportation accepts this card. Once you reach airport don’t buy the card one of the vending machines, instead look for the special kiosk near the exit to the express train and buy your card, much more cheaper and easier for tourists you just need to show your passport and before you leave they will refund your unused card value.

Visit to Tan Tian Buddha, famously known as Big Buddha is the 1st must see tourist spot scheduled on our 2nd day. The plan was to ride Ngong Ping cable car but the weather did not permit us so we took the New Lanto Bus 23 from Tung Chung Town Centre, ride will take about 45 minutes.

Here are some of my favorite photos from our visit.

Tian Tan Buddha Hong Kong

The weather was gloomy but the view was still breathtaking.

HK Big Buddha

Tian Tan Buddha took 12 years to complete and was finally erected in 1993. It is sitting 34 meters high facing north to look over the Chinese people and deliver a blessing to all.

HK Big Buddha steps

To get a closer look we had to climb 268 steps with some pit stops to rest and take photos. Be prepared and wear a comfortable shoes.

HK Tan Tian Buddha Visit

Stores selling snacks and refreshment is available in the area but by this time we were looking forward to eat a hearty lunch. Yes, that’s the whole group (9 adults, 3 babies and 2 kids) minus 2 men taking our photos.


Adorable LittleMiss C all through out the day refuse to sit in her stroller or be carried using her Boba carrier, and also refuse to go to her Aunts. I was definitely tired but one smile and I just gave in.

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