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Thank you, LittleOnes

Today, in the Philippines we celebrate Mother’s Day. I am blessed to be wearing the Mama hat for 8 years now. It has been a whirlwind of emotions to have that title. Everything thing that I do and every decision I make, revolves around how it will affect both my kids. I may have done something really good in my life to deserve two beautiful (crazy!) human in my life. Dear LittleOnes, Thank you for showing and teaching Mama what LOVE really is. I will never ever give up on you. On days when I seem too, please always remember that you hold the biggest spot in Mama’s heart. I love you forever and always. and to the Women in my life Each of you have taught me how to be the best Mama I can be. and to my husband, Daddy C Thank you for holding my hand and not letting go in this journey of ours called parenting. I am the Mama that I am because of your support.  

Maraming Salamat Po

Typhoon Haiyan has caused so much pain to those who have been affected and it also has opened our eyes to what the Philippine government can and can’t do. Despite the heartbreak Haiyan has also brought out the goodness in every one.   Our neighboring countries near and far have sent in help to all survivors. Overseas Filipino workers around the globe conducted charity events to benefit those that have been affected. Netizens have shared information in every way they can to spread awareness and update. Maraming Salamat po. Thank you.  

Ladybug Cake

Ma, how old is my baby sister?  Vierte always ask me this question, after getting a reply he would get one of my cake books and start to plan a party for Chloe. When I told him that Chloe is turning a month old he already had a cake in mind. Vierte grab my 50 Easy Party Cake by Debbie Brown book and showed me the design (and he does insist that it’s a ladybug not ladybird) with instructions that it should be a chocolate cake with dark chocolate icing. LittleMan V also deserve a thank you cake. He got a mini bug cake. I love you Kuya Vierte and Baby Chloe! Both of you make Mommy and Daddy happy.