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A year with The Entertainer

We buy the big blue book of The Entertainer book every year. Entertainer is a compilation of more than 1500 vouchers you can use to dine, have fun, relax and a whole lot more. Yes! you read that right a whole lot of vouchers similar to the one below. Every time the MyNappytales family dine out we always check the big blue book for restaurants we can try. It has also made us try new places.   Our complain with this wonderful blue book is that it’s heavy to carry around (especially if you have a baby) when we go out and we sometimes lose pages.   This problem though will end this year because the Entertainer team has launched a new app!   They are now running a limited 10% offer when you pre-order 2014 Entertainer books. If you want to try your luck go hop to Grace’s blog here she’s having an Entertainer giveaway.