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Birth Story

12:00am of October 17 I started to feel contractions which was 2hrs apart, during this time I kept bugging Coy about the pain and he kept me calm by reminding me about the lessons I’ve learned on my Childbirth class. Worried about not being able to eat atleast 2hrs before the operation I prepared myself an oatmeal, while waiting for it to get cooked I was browsing thru my childbirth handouts. *Ting* microwave signalled for my oatmeal to be cooked, as I stood up a gush of water came out of me, immediately I sent Coy an SMS “my water bag broke”, my cousin who was my aneasthesiologist and my OB was informed about the situation as well. I knocked on my aunts’ room and calmly told her that my water bag broke and I’m taking a shower. Coy was mad that I decided to take a shower instead of heading straight to the hospital. Anyway despite his protest I took a quick shower since I know that it’ll be days before I can take a bath. Dressed we called all the taxi company to no avail we coudnt get one, and my cousin was not home so nobody was available to drive me. I went back to my room to inform Auntie Bing, she literally fell down the bed when I announced that my water bag broke. We called up Auntie Virgie a family friend who promised that her husband would drive me to the hospital when the time comes, which I forgot. And so we called them up and just a few minutes after the call her husband was outside our gate waiting for us, that was about 2:00 am, I was also sending messages to friends that my bag broke. We reached UERM by 2:30am Mama Alma and I took the stairs and both of us laughing about Auntie Bing’s fall. UERM’s delivery room was at th 3rd floor, we both sat for awhile outside and even managed to take a picture (I wont post it here kasi ang pangit!). Kuya Frank texted me to go inside the delivery room since the assigned resident was already waiting for me and he’ll be coming a little later pa. With my black folder which contains all the information needed I went inside all the attendants greeted me and confirmed if I was Dr. Nacario’s cousin.
One of the attendants asked me to changed to hospital clothes and interviewed me (I had a medical information sheet with all her questions but I forgot about it). The resident did an internal exam to check how many cm I was already, unfortunately I was still 2cm and I was losing a lot of water already, he told me that I wont be able to deliver normally because of the situation and that Dr Elma my OB and Kuya were on their way already. A machine was attached to me to keep track of the contractions which was happening 30 minutes apart already. I was all smile when Dr. Elma and Kuya arrived. 3:30 am I was prep’d for operation.
Inside the operating room Kuya kept me calm and talked to me on what he was about to do for my aneasthesia. A male attendant helped me curved my body but still Kuya was still not able to find the right spot so he asked me to sit down instead, which was much harder because of the contractions and my body curled for him to I guess see my spine or the nerves well. The room was really quiet. Finally, Kuya asked for his resident and in minutes she found the spot then Kuya proceeded with the next one. Kuya admitted na he got nervous that could be the reason why it took quite some time for him to be done.
Lights above, and a green cloth infront of me covering my chest downwards. Kuya was beside me keeping me calm talking to me, and even asking instructions on how to use my blackberry since he was calling Coy and uncle dad, giving them updates. I didn’t feel anything ofcourse I can only hear the doctors and the instruments being used. Kuya kept asking me if I was ok and telling me to just relax and close my eyes. Before all these I really thought I’d be scared and even requested that I be asleep during the whole process. But I was not scared, I kept praying for my baby to be ok.
Finally at 4:47am Dr. Elma announced “baby out” and I heard his cry, I also cried. Kuya left my side and went to check the baby came back to me just to say “kamukha ni coy”. He was crying and I couldn’t explain what I felt, I was thankful that he was ok. After cleaning him up, he pooped a little already inside me, a nurse carried him for me to see. I closed my eyes and Thank God that we were both ok.
On my way to the recovery room, Kuya handed my phone’s to me I was already online in ym, sent email and sms to my family and friends.
Meet our son…
name: Markus Ezekiel Concepcion Caidoy
birthdate: October 17, 2007
weight: 6.11 lbs
height: 48cms
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