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Largest Research Science Lab in Dubai

A dedicated science laboratory for kids ages 7 yrs – 11 yrs old opened at Children’s City, Creek Park.

Forscherwelt (Researchers World) is a project between Dubai Municipality’s Children’s City and Henkel. The new, purpose-build science centre is the first of its kind in the Middle East and is the largest Forcherwelt Science Lab for children anywhere in the world.

I attended the inauguration last November 18 and was treated to a VIP tour of the facility. Reviewing base alone on what I saw and heard is not enough. The best way to showcase the center is through the eyes of my kids and their friends.

I gathered 17 kids from our Phases Basketball family for an afternoon of science fun at Forscherwelt. The kids are in for a treat because they were among the first batch to experience working on the lab.

For many children, it is a rare opportunity to do hands-on laboratory work. Science taught in schools are often more about memorizing formulas, looking at pictures, and listening to their teachers telling them how and what will happen instead of doing actual experiments.

The Forscherwelt team will be offering ten, 45 minutes modules, for up to 25 children per session. On our visit kids got to work on the 2 modules offered about starch and skin, we won’t share details it is better for the kids to experience it for themselves.

Each group was assigned an experienced instructor that guided them with the research and experiment they have to do. Emphasize on the word “guide” because when the kids seem lost on the research, they were asked to go back and was asked “why do you think did happened?” and “do you think we should try and go back to the first procedure?”

Finally, they answered the question that was first presented to them before they began their experiment.

All 17 kids ENJOYED, LEARNED and requested to go back to do more experiments at Forscherwelt. This was definitely one fun afternoon rediscovering their love for science.

Forscherwelt Science Lab for children in Dubai is located at Children’s City, Dubai Creek Park and is for children aged between 7 and 11 years of age. Ten hand-picked employees from Children’s City have been trained in the past month by Ute Krupp, Head of Henkel Forscherwelt. They will be coaching the children on their scientific journey. Sessions at Forscherwelt are free for children to attend. For further information and bookings please visit

In behalf of the kids, I would like to thank the team behind Forscherwelt, Children’s City, Henkel and Twister Communications for a fun afternoon.

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