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After reading few blogs here and there I realized that I haven’t been writing/updating this one. Bad me!

“balit-tad” (baliktad) a Tagalog word which means up side down, example: wearing the right shoe on your left foot. 

This is Vierte’s current favorite Tagalog word, he would sometimes read his book the wrong way and call my attention to announce “ma book is balit-tad” or when he wears his shoe/slippers in the wrong foot “Oh-oh balit-tad…Mama ano ba yan!” and laugh. He picks up his Tagalog words when Coy and I talk and his Bisaya words when he hears me talk to my Mama or my siblings.

His Lolo Dino insists that we speak to him only in one language para di daw maguluhan. Coy and I on the other hand wants him to learn Tagalog and Bisaya para naman pag umuwi kami he can converse with his cousins at di “mabebenta” kasi naiintindihan nya yung mga taong nakapaligid sa kanya. Next year when he starts school Arabic and French classes are included in the curriculum, this mommy is very excited to learn with him.

potty-wee training update

Vierte is nappy free at home except at night for bedtime. We had 2 afternoon nap wee accident but after that so far wala na. During his nap every 45 mins I try to carry him and whisper “wee wee in the bathroom”, he would reply “not yet mama” sabay iyak. Ngayon everytime I try to carry him iiyak agad sabay “not yet weewee mama”. There would be days he would wake up in the morning na walang weewee yung nappy nya. This worries me kasi baka magka UTI. While dressing him up for a weekend trip to the mall he would tell me “I wear nappy mama ok” 

Hopefully before he starts preschool no nappy na talaga.


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