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Farmers Market and Cucumber Salad

First of all I’d like to say a big Thank You to Rajani of EatWriteThink for my new kitchen toy a Braun MultiQuick Cordless. If you want a chance to win one go visit MyCustardPie she’ll pick a winner on April 26.

Rajani was also the one who invited me to be part of Famished Arabia, a group of food bloggers here in GCC. Such an angel! You can find links of fellow famished bloggers on my links. I attended my first activity last Friday a Group Photo share and learn session at Bakers and Spice which also was a host to a weekly Farmers Market which sells organic produce. 

When I told C about the session he was happy for me and I was too. Being a stay at home sometimes give me an overwhelming feeling of being stuck to just cleaning and cooking which leads to bad days that makes my hormones and emotions go wild. That’s why we are both happy that I have this new thing to keep my mind busy beside household chores. I am thankful for the group and most specially to the lovely ladies that I met for welcoming me. 

V was a breastfed baby and along with that decision is a challenge to only feed him the healthiest meal we can provide (with a few sweet cheat). When the doctor gave me a go signal that he can start solid food he had homecooked and organic baby food. 

V at 1 yr old ate every vegetable I give him but when he reached the age of 2 everything suddenly change. He became choosy and right now only eats  broccoli, carrots and mushroom without force and with fruits oranges, strawberries, and banana are his only chosen “sports candy”. I have to be creative in tricking him to eat unwanted veggies  and fruits. 

That’s why when he saw me preparing my staple side dish he announced “that’s your food mama not for Vierte.”  I bought this juicy tomatoes and cucumber at the market which tastes much sweeter than those I buy at the grocery. Live chickens and ducks are also available in the market as well.

This salad is best paired with something grilled or fried. I baked some pork liempo marinated with dark soy sauce, kikoman soy, tomato ketchup, sugar and ground black pepper. 

Cucumber Salad for Two
1 Tomato
3 Cucumbers
1 Onion
2 cloves Garlic
thin slice of Ginger

1 tbsp Bals
amic Vinegar
1 tsp White Vinegar
1 tbsp Sugar
Pinch of Salt and Pepper

First combine balsamic vinegar, white vinegar, sugar, some salt and pepper then set aside. Thinly slice cucumber, tomato, and onions. Crush garlic and ginger. Toss all together and enjoy.

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Hi, my name is Abigail a stay at home Mama of two LittleOnes and currently residing in Dubai, UAE since 2009. This is my little space online where I share activities, places we've been, food we enjoy and snippets of our daily expat life. ‘Cuddles and Crumbs’ is a combination of the two main things I share on this blog: cuddles (family) and crumbs (food).


  1. inafryingpan (Arva) says

    was fabulous meeting you in person Abby, welcome again to the group! lovely pics, and here's to many more photo and eating sessions together in the future!

  2. Lick My Spoon says

    It was a pleasure to meet you as well. The picture really highlights all the beauty that the farmer's market is!

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