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Planning Vierte’s Room

Vierte’s birthday will be in a couple months, when he reached 3 years old last year Bana and I had been discussing to buy V his own bed and hopefully when we get to move to a two bedroom flat, his very own room.

Before I gave birth to Vierte we have prepared a baby nursery corner for him inside our bedroom with the intention for him to sleep on his crib. Bana was not with me when I gave birth he was working overseas at Qatar that’s why we decided that I continue staying with my Auntie.  On our first night back home I let Vierte sleep on his crib, but oh my I was restless and kept checking on him plus I was breastfeeding too. After a week with no proper sleep for us I decided to let him sleep beside me, easier for me to check that his breathing (paranoid after reading about SIDs) and nurse him.

Aside from planning V’s room we also have to consider the possibility of sharing the space with a sibling.  I came across this beautiful baby nursery with dark grey painted walls that brings out the colorful decorations pop at Unique Baby Gear Ideas website. Both Bana and little V hope that we have another boy but still we have to consider a baby girl. Hold on I’m not pregnant yet I’m just planning V’s room.

I still have 6 months to plan the room taking into consideration existing toys we have and find the right space and slowly talk to V in giving up some of them. One design tip is to recycle things, if only I could ship all of V’s baby nursery stuff here from Manila.

It’s nice to see photos of real baby nursery along with stories on what inspired the parents and how they planned and where they bought the things.  My favorite among the boys theme are Sports, Nascar and finally the Dr Suess nursery theme; as for the girls theme Ella’s Sweet Cherry Blossom is on the top, beach and surf theme.  And when the time comes that your kid outgrows the theme the fun once again begins 🙂

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