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We survived 1st week of school

A week has passed since V started kindergarten and we can conclude that he is enjoying his time.

V proudly shows off his Star reward from school

Few funny things happened though…

Sunday (1st day of swimming lessons):    He went home with an extra swimming trunks and when I asked him about it, he insisted that his friend gave it to him. As I was stripping him off his school uniform to my surprise “Where’s your brief, love?” he replied with a smile “I gave it to my friend.”  When C arrive home from work he proudly showed his dad the extra trunks “I have a surprise for you Daddy! Taaannaaan…See new underpants!”

Monday:     “Ma, Teacher got upset with V because I don’t know how to listen” This was the only day that he didn’t come home with a star on his hand (or face)

Tuesday (P.E. Class):     Came home wearing a different pair of shoes.

Wednesday:     He would always greet me with a big smile as the school bus door opens but today was different he look really sad. The bus nanny handed me his bag and said “V kept telling them I want my mommy.” V with a sad face this time didn’t say bye to his friends, and when he get hold of my hand gave a loud cry and just kept saying “I miss you Mama.” It was not until we cuddled in bed that he manage to tell me what happened.

V: “I miss you Mama. There’s no mommy to take care of me in school. My friend did not want to share book in the bookshelf and hit me on my bonbon. No mommy there.”

M: “Did you tell teacher?”

V: “No. I cry and tell teacher that friend palot me here (pointing his hips)”

We cuddled for 10 mins and he was OK, while eating lunch he then said that his friend said Sorry because teacher got upset of his friend. I was initially worried that the incident will lead to him not wanting to go back to school, so I asked him if he wanted me to talk to Teacher. He just replied “Nope. Friend S and I are now friends.”

By the way, he got plenty of stars that sad Wednesday.

Slowly we are managing quite well with our new school routine. V off to bed at 8pm that could stretch to 9pm with endless request of one more bedtime story, and he’s up before Mr. Sun at 6am.

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