Filipino Food, What to eat Mom?
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Eating again

Breakfast: Tortang Talong, Fried Dilis, Tomato Sardines, Tomatoes and Cucumbers

I’m so happy that we are entering our 2nd trimester with my appetite back and enjoying kitchen work again.

On our first trimester all the food you see above I can’t eat. Then I woke up with a craving to eat Tortang Talong, Sardines, and Dilis I was happy to find all of the ingredients in my pantry.


  1. My Yellow Bells says

    hi there, everyone in my family ask me to abstain from eating talong while I was pregnant but I couldn’t help it, its one of my favorite so I would ask one of my colleague to cook it for me and enjoy eating it at work during my lunch break. Sabi magkakabalat daw but I guess it was just an old belief. happy eating

    • So nice of your friend to cook it for you. I didn’t know about that kasabihan till now. Thank you for dropping by.

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