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Bu Qtair

I finally got to try one of the food joints Anthony Bourdain featured when he visited Dubai – Bu Qtair.


We arrived at 7:45pm, luckily the line wasn’t that long and we were able to place our orders by 8:10pm. Ordered half a kilo shrimps and large size fish (the medium size the man showed us was too small) and V requested “not spicy please”

During that time the line was already way too long. You have to wait in the right side of the restaurant (they have stools), they don’t let you sit with the table while you’re still waiting for your food.

Finally by 8:45pm we were called our food was ready. Ordered additional plate of rice (for V) and 3 paratha’s. The server also gave us some vinegar.


These were yummy and still slightly spicy even after we requested them to wash of the “orange marinade”. Enjoy them with a squeeze of lemon.


V enjoyed the fish that we actually taught he might finish the whole thing on his own.

The produce was fresh and yummy but we could have enjoyed them more in the comforts of our home with rice and some homemade soy-lemon dipping sauce.


Total bill: 130 Dhs

This includes a plate of rice, 7-Up, and 3 parathas.




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