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Baby/Mama Essentials

It seems that everyone I know from each side of our family and friends are expecting a baby this year. Baby season indeed!

When you’re a first time mom all you can think of is to buy the best and most adorable baby products available in the market. Here are some of my favorite products that I think every expecting Mama would love to have.


1. Arms Reach Co-Sleeper

One parenting style we practice is co-sleeping (we still do with 4yo V). In most Filipino families we co-sleep with our parents till we reach our puberty stage, after that we still do share a bedroom/bed with our siblings.

With V I had trouble sleeping when he was not by my side, I was checking if he was still breathing every half an hour just to make sure he was safe after doing this for a week (V in his cot and me in bed) with me having no proper sleep I decided to co-sleep with him which just made sense to me since the Bana C was working overseas. Breastfeeding while co-sleeping was a breeze as well since I didn’t have to stand up to attend to his feeding all I have to do was roll over and offer him my breast.

And since V is still sharing the bed with us (V occupying half the bed space) this will be just the ideal set-up for us and would specially make V feel that although his a Kuya (big brother) now he’s still a baby.

I’m still on the look-out for this kind of cot/crib here in Dubai, hopefully we’ll find one in the coming DSS.


2. Baby Carrier

This I know is a must have especially when you’re little bundle of joy becomes fuzzy, and irritable plus it allows Mom & Dad’s out there to be mobile while keeping baby close by. I had a similar one with V and I was able to do grocery shopping.

Stokke 3 n 1 Baby Carrier


Aside from the carrier I also use a Ring Sling with V, though compared to the carrier above using a sling takes getting use too and a lot of practice. I remember the look on my relatives when I use this on V they were scared that the little boy might fall and kept on checking if he was comfortable enough.

Ring Sling

When V and I got the hang of the ring sling this was my first choice whenever we went out. I can easily put him to sleep or breast feed him at ease.

For Dubai residents I found a facebook group called Dubai BabyWearing, they are a group of Mom’s who run regular workshops who are interested in Baby Wearing.


3. Breastfeeding Essentials

It took me almost 2 months to have a good regular supply of breastmilk for V, he was more happy to feed on his bottle than on me. I consumed a lot of clam soup and had malunggay supplements, when he gets hungry I offer my breast first if he refuse to feed I willingly pump my supply so he can still benefit from my milk.

When we finally had a good latch and supply I was his first choice. See the moment I learned I was pregnant I have already decided that I would exclusively breast feed my child till the age of two, though V was not exclusively breastfeeding his milk intake was 80% from me and I was happy and felt complete as a mom.

UnderCover Mama

I know every breastfeeding mom would benefit from this UnderCover mama product since you can use your usual clothes to breastfeed.

A breastfeeding Mama needs a good pump, it will surely be your breast friend. Back when I was still working I had a Dual Electric Pump in the office and I would extract milk every 2-3 hours which helped me ensure that even when I was at work my son was getting the nutrients he needs from my milk.

Feeding Cover is one of the wonderful creations for BF Mama’s.

I found a helpful and informative Dubai group on breastfeeding – Breastfeeding Q&A Dubai.

Will surely be adding more to this list! What other baby/mama find’s would you like to share?

*Photos featured on this post are from the product website and by searching online. These are products that I would love to have and all opinions are my own. “


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