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No longer qualified

For VBAC (vaginal birth after ceasarian) that is.


I’ve been reading happy stories online on normal birth delivery after undergoing a C-Section. For the past 8 months my mind has been set.

Last week though I’ve read that if you had a vertical cut on the c-section you are not qualified for VBAC. See, I have a visible vertical cut on my tummy but there still is a possibility that the incision done inside was done horizontal which would mean that I can still qualify for a normal delivery this 2nd time.

Good thing I was still in touch with my OB in the Philippines – Dr. Elma, so I sent her a message asking if she could still remember the cut she did inside me and this is her reply.

“Hindi vertical ang cut mo sa loob horizontal but if I remember it right because of d big blood vessels,we had to extend the incision a little vertically so your not a good candidate for vbac.repeat cs ka na lang para safe.sana okay din ang course of pregnancy mo and delivery!”


We had our scheduled OB visit yesterday with Dr. Helena Taylor after all the routine check she happily informed us  that all our vitals our good and asked if we had any question. So I told her about Dr. Elma’s email…and she replied “If that’s the case you are not a candidate for VBAC, we have to do an elective CSection.” I was heartbroken. She further explained that because of the little vertical incision made my uterus is weak and there is a possibility that it will rapture.

I know it’s no big deal, I mean a few of my friends who had a normal delivery even discourage me because of the unbearable pain they experienced but see a whole lot of bunch of them also shared that giving birth is really painful but once the baby is out it’s gone and you heal faster after the delivery.


We are scheduled to deliver via CSection on June 26. Please do say a little prayer for our safety.



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