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Product Review – Eucalyptus Salve & Essential Oil

It’s been 3 months of homeophathy for me and ever since I’ve been trying to slowly change our food intake and products that we use.  I’m really happy that I  discovered a new group in facebook – UAE Natural Family Living Network, discussions on natural remedies, healthier food choices and where to buy organic products are a few stuff we talk about.


Last Wednesday (Feb 6) LittleMiss C started to have colds, the go to remedy I usually do is to rub Vicks VapoRub on the feet then cover with socks and some on the shirt, but then I learned from the group that Vicks is not for kids under two (unless you have the product Vicks BabyRub) . To read more why parents should avoid using it on kids under two click here. A natural remedy is to use eucalyptus essential oil buy putting a drop on your humidifier or burning eucalyptus essiantial oil to clear up clogged nose.


On a trip to Sahara Centre to register my Etisalat SimCard we pass by Neal’s Yard Remedies. Madonna the lovely attendant at the shop welcomed me with a big smile. I asked if they have any Eucalyptus products I can use for the little one’s colds and she suggested Eucalyptus Leon Essential Oil Eucalyptus Salve.


Eucalyptus Salve & Eucalyptus Lemon Essential Oil

Eucalyptus Salve & Eucalyptus Lemon Essential Oil


We have been using both products for five days now – putting a drop of the essential oil on the humidifier and on LittleMiss’ bath water, and rubbing eucalyptus salve on her chest feet.


My LittleLove’s V & C are sleeping well at night free from clogged nose and we love the smell. The Husband C though is not fond of the smell.


Eucalyptus Salve – Dhs 90

“A stimulating, antiseptic and warming rub. Simply rub over the back and chest and enjoy the cleansing vapours.”


45g of salve that I think would last me for 1 year since I just need to put a little on the chest and it’s smell last long.

How does it compare to Vicks VapoRub?

Once you rub the vicks it has this strong menthol smell (& feels a bit spicy in your eyes) then it slowly goes away and once the smell is gone you’re back to having clogged nose again.

The Eucalyptus Salve doesn’t have that strong smell and it’s effect last longer


Eucalyptus Lemon Essential Oil – Dhs 40

a drop goes a long way 🙂



List of Neal’s Yard Store in the UAE here


*This is not a sponsored post.





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