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How to Renew Philippine Passport in Dubai

V and I went to the Philippine Consulate this morning to renew our passports. Mine expired this month and V due to expire on November. Arrived at 7am to queue, Dad C was in line for us while the kids and I stayed in the car. Around 5 minutes to 8 am the line for passport application was escorted inside the consulate, this time Kuya V was with Dad. After 15 minutes Dad C called me to go inside the consulate, our passports were processed first since Kuya V (5 years old) was with us after 30 minutes we were done!

Yes we may have experienced a fast smooth process because Kuya V was with me, but I do believe that the Consulate is trying their best to accommodate everyone the best they can.

Some tips to ease application woes:

Check when your passport will expire, and take note of it. (If Dad C didn’t buy our tickets for June I wouldn’t have known that my passport will expire this year.
Book and appointment, you don’t need to get this yourself you can ask a representative to get one for you. Dad C went to the consulate to book for us.
(a) Go to the consulate to get an appointment (this is what we did)
(b) Send a private message at the facebook page – PCG Dubai and N. Emirates with your Full name, Passport  number, and mobile number.

Fill our E-Passport Application Form. As of February 2013 you can get the form here, click/point one of the box, type details and print. You can also get application form on the links below.
(a) http://www.philembassy.ae/downloadforms.html
(b) http://www.pcgdubai.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/ePassport-Application-Form11.pdf

Prepare documents.
(a) Old passport
(b) Photocopy of your passport data page, visa page and last page. I suggest you prepare 2 copies of each.

No need to bring photo, they will take your photo during the process no extra charge. You can smile but you can’t show any teeth (I hate this part since I look weird smiling without showing my sparkly white gems) and ladies will be asked to remove earrings and make ears visible. Remember you will use this document for 5 years so wear something presentable and practice your smile.

Be early, you are suggested to come between 8:00 – 10:00 am. As I’ve said we arrived at 7 am and about 30 people were already in line before us.

Bring a Pen (with blue or black ink). Just in case you need to do corrections or fill out a new application.

Prepare Dhs 240 for each passport renewal application.

Bring food and water, just because I don’t want you to be hungry.

a lot of Patience. It can be frustrating to be waiting for hours but please do remember that people working at the embassy are doing their best to accommodate everyone.

You don’t really need to take a whole day off to finish as long as you come prepared. Some went without getting prior appointment and got disappointed because they were not accommodated, I really suggest you get an appointment.

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