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Fun Flight: Mess Free Food

In exactly one month we are off to our summer vacation, ohh the thought of spending time with our family back home is relaxing. Before that I have to pack for a family of four; clothes, some toys, pasalubongs, and of course food.

I am looking for a mess free food I can pack for the kids (5 yo V and 11 mos LittleMiss). V is not happy with airline food and almost always end up eating cookies I’ve packed for him. LittleMiss on the other hand have me as her milk supply but she still needs to eat something else. This time though I want to pack something healthy for them.

Here are some mess free food both V and LittleMiss enjoy eating

Little Nibbles of HiPP Organic

Food Puffs


Aside from this dry food, I want to bring some baby food for LittleMiss but then will the airline allow me to bring one? On one of our grocery trip to Spinneys I noticed this baby food packaged in a tetra squeeze pack, now that is mess free!

Organic Bubs Squeeze Food

Organic Bubs Squeeze Food

I bought Organic Bubs – Pumpkin Corn flavor. I was hesitant to buy one because I’ve only fed LittleMiss home cooked meals and I don’t like the taste of “instant| baby food. Anyway, I was in search for some mess free food might as well try. Squeezed the food in a teaspoon and surprisingly baby girl liked it!


What is your go-to mess free food when travelling?



  1. Name says

    Hi Abigail!

    Where did you buy those organic puffs & nibbles?
    Thanks for sharing your helpful infos for Dubai moms like me. 🙂

    • Hi! the brands above I bought at CarreFour (I assume this is available in all branch) but I also saw different brand of nibbles in Spinneys.
      How many months is your baby?

  2. Name says

    Thanks Abi!

    I’m buying it for my 9-month-old inaanak. 🙂
    Though I’m a mother of 2 teens (13 & 11) @ 34. 😉

    Keep on posting. I love your blog.

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