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September Bentos

We are on the last week of September. I can finally say that we are all getting back to our routine after two long months of vacation back home.

Honestly, mornings have been difficult this start of school month. I overslept and so did the boys, who needs to be out of the house by 6:30 am. I was grumpy most mornings – I had to prepare breakfast, school lunch and hush a LittleMiss who needs nanan because our loud voices woke her up.

Instead of sharing a weekly round-up, here’s our September bentos – well those that I’ve managed to snap photos of.


Back to school bento - grade two

LittleMan V now plans his school lunch with me. I suggested that since he’s turning 7 years old maybe he can start eating fresh/steamed vegetables, he agreed but requested that he get to choose which veggie. For his back to school lunch packed in his favorite planetbox: steamed broccoli, animal crackers, homemade chicken nuggets, fresh strawberries, fresh milk juice and water. V came back home with few broccoli and crackers, with a request to pack just 4 pieces of veggie.


Happy Face Bento

Packed in a rover planetbox: terriyaki chicken breast, steamed rice, apples, mandarin oranges, Astor wafer sticks, fresh milk, and water. The box came back empty and he even requested to bring the same food the next day. By the way, he didn’t notice the happy face I made.

I’ve been itching to use our nori punchers (a gift from my SIL). I had to wait till 2nd week of school because you can only buy nori sheets at special Asian stores, bought ours at Hanarum. Hanarum is a grocery store located in Karama which sells mostly Korean products. The nori sheets that I bought were too thin, it was difficult to use the puncher.


Simple Hello Kitty Bento

Our picky eater LittleMiss and I made this bento together. I asked her to choose a cookie cutter from our collection and she chose Hello Kitty. She had a good laugh while taking a bite while saying “ more” referring to the parts that she ate.


Star Quail Egg Bento

School lunch: apple slices, boiled quail eggs, smoked turkey slices, animal crackers and smoke turkey sandwich.


Chicken Adobo Rice Bento

He had leftovers of bulgogi marinated chicken breast, rice and chocolate crackers. I was greeted with “Mom, you forgot my fruit and vegetables for lunch.” when he came home.


Crab Bento

I woke up that thinking thank God it’s Thursday, only to find out that it was still Wednesday morning. Sports was scheduled that day and I prefer to pack meat or rice meal. Packed boiled sweet corn, apple slices, nutella crab sandwich and spam skewers.


That’s just about it! I hope to improve my bento making skills and pack healthier snack and lunch this year. No excuse to ran out of food ideas since I’m around the best food bloggers in town.


You can read our Planetbox review here.

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