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First week with PlanetBox Rover

I’ve been searching for ways to pack healthy lunch for V since he started Junior 1 – a filling lunch since school start at 7:10 am and ends at 1:40 pm, I was constantly worried that he might get hungry. Since then I’ve been searching (obsessing) for lunchboxes.

We currently own Sahara Tiger Lunchbox, Lock and Lock, GoodByn box and latest addition a PlanetBox.



The Planetbox Rover complete set sells for $59.95 and consists of:
– main lunchbox that has 5 compartments
– little dipper container
– big dipper container
– carrying bag
– magnets
– ice pack (they ran a promotion and got it for free)

As soon as LittleMan V saw the PlanetBox Rover he got excited and requested that I pack his lunch in it the next day.

I managed to pack 3 school lunch using the rover this week.

Here they are: Recipes for lunch food below will be available in the coming weeks.


Cheesy Steak Quesedillas, Grapes, Minis, Deli Meat and homemade Chocolate Brownie treat


Lobster FishBalls, Orange & Apple fruit mix, homemade Banana Strawberry bread, and dark Chocolate with SeaSalt for a treat



Boiled Quail Eggs, Seedless Grapes,  Easy Peasy slow-cooked Lamb over Rice, Dark Chocolate with Sea salt and Strawberry Banana Smoothie inside the blue Sili Squeeze.


Spam strips with ketchup inside small dipper, Apple slices, Banana Strawberry bread, and AppleBanana Fresh Spring Rolls


What we think about it:

Physical Appearance

Mama says: Carry bag – as expected the Planet Box Rover fits perfectly well inside, a mesh pocket for table napkins or ice pack, and utensils holder. It’s exterior has 2 pockets – for water bottles and another one that will accommodate extra snack. It has a long removable strap and short handle.

PlanetBox Rover Bag PhysicalAppearance

LittleMan says: I like my dinosaur magnet.


Food Presentation.

Mama says: Food looks great in it! I seriously envy parents who do artsy bento’s – I have several cookie cutters and silicon cups but I don’t find my bento making cute at all.

LittleMan says: My food look so nice.


Food portions

Mama says: At first I was worried on how I’m going to fill up all 5 compartments. I started grabbing several food to pack for the day then I realize that the compartments helped me prepare a balanced lunch meal – fruits, carb, meat, veggie and a treat. Despite having 4 to 5 food options LittleMan did not complain that I packed way too much.

LittleMan says: I like that I have plenty of food to choose and they are just enough.



Mama says: It is very sturdy, I intentionally drop the lunchbox about ten inches high from the counter and no dent at all plus the food stayed in its place, the way I prepared it. It is easy to hand wash. No oily feel after just one soap wash after I packed slow cooked lamb & rice with gravy on the big dipper. Since it is stainless, I can see my kids use it un their teens.

LittleMan says: When LittleMiss goes to school we just need to buy her magnets with fairies.



Mama says: Probably the only thing I don’t like about it is the cost – 221 AED / 2620 PHP – it really is an investment. Will I purchase another one? Yes! We have only have it for less than a week but I absolutely like the overall look and how it so far has changed the food I pack for school.

LittleMan says: I want to buy another one for LittleMiss with fairy magnets.


The Planetbox Rover is not available in Dubai. I ordered ours online  here.

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  1. Mamma Carlucci says

    Hi there – I was wondering about the size of the drink bottle holder … on the planet box website it says it can hold a drink bottle that is 3″ in diameter. My little boy uses a Camlebak drink bottle (hopefully you know it?) … do you think it would fit in the pocket? Cheers.

  2. Mamma Carlucci says

    Also a stupid question – if you put a sandwich in the larger compartment, then shut the box … is it really still fresh by lunchtime? Or do you wrap it in plastic wrap before putting it in the box? Cheers.

  3. Mamma Carlucci says

    I heard you can buy these in Pottery Barn at the Dubai Mall now, so am going to check it out next week. Thanks for your help! x

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