Year: 2014

New Christmas Tradition: Secret Society of Bubblers + Giveaway

  I was looking for new activities for our advent calendar when I chanced upon The Secret Society of Bubbler’s last year (didn’t get to use it then because it was delivered 2 days before Christmas). One of the best things during this season is recapturing the magic of Christmas with our children. All the forgotten traditions becomes extra special and fun again – decorating tree, sending holiday cards and singing carols. What is The Secret Society of Bubblers? is a Christmas adventure kit that encourages kid’s imagination around the concept of kindness actively encourage kids to seek out opportunities to be extra kind. strives to promote kindness to combat bullying trend. teaches kids that being good is not just “not be naughty”, instead equate good to being kind

Our afternoon walk and things we discovered

Lately, LittleMiss is not very fond of her stroller – “No! Walk march me, Mom.” When her path is clear, she let’s go of my hand and walk by herself. Kuya V’s first time to cross the road alone. LittleMiss was yelling at her “No. Stop. Look, left and right.” I felt a sense of pride and sadness, the realization that he’s a big boy now. “See, Mom! I did it! Checked for cars and cross street. Kalas! ” Soon, he’ll ask that I no longer walk with him.

A trip to The Mind Museum

We visited The Mind Museum during our 2013 Philippines vacation. Tadaah! V remembered our trip to the museum and asked if we have a similar one here in Dubai (still looking). The Mind Museum is located at Taguig City, it is an interactive Science museum that encourages visitors to touch and experience featured exhibits in their five galleries: Life, Atom, Earth, Universe and Technology.  Here’s a glimpse of what we saw inside: Aedi, the robot – welcomed all guest’s and talked about the exhibits we’ll get to see inside the museum.

Launch of IHG Planet Trekkers Menu

I appreciate restaurants/establishments who goes out of the way to develop a healthy and yummy dish for children, it’s exciting to see something new from the usual nuggets and fries. InterContinental Hotels and Resorts invited us to the launch of their brand new Planet Trekkers menu, designed especially for children. A menu inspired by popular worldwide cuisine’s, developed by award winning chef Theo Randall and child food expert Annabel Karmel MBE. I’ve been (still) reading Annabel Karmel’s blog when I introduced solids to LittleMiss and for school snack ideas for LittleMan V. I was intrigued with what they have to offer, so off we went with the kids even though it was a weekday. I am very happy we did!

Bento Week: September 28 – October 2

I have a lot of ideas for my school boy’s bento, only to find out that he prefers to eat the usual snack. To prevent from having last minute requests to change what I’ve prepared, he get’s to taste new snack options after school. That way I don’t have to guess whether he’ll like the food or not.   Sunday: Apple slices, Nutella sandwich, Chicken nuggets, and Yakult

Peppa Pig Cake and Cookies

Sheila of AB & Me asked if I could help her make cookies and fondant cake for her Little B’s 3rd birthday.  She has been doing DIY birthday party for Little B since she turned 1 year old. Amazing Mama! The last big fondant cake I made was my friend’s wedding cake, before I gave birth to LittleMiss C. We worked on the cake & cookies for 1 week.