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Skylanders Light Up Portal Cake

Light Up Skylanders Portal of Power Cake


For the past two weeks, we’ve been busy preparing for LittleMan’s 7th birthday party. Him and Dad had specific instructions on how the cake would look like and most importantly that I be the one to make it.

Mom, you’re the only one allowed to make my cake!”

Cake instructions:

1. Portal of Power cake that lights up

2. 8 elements for the cupcake topper and cake

3. Chocolate cake


Cake layers:

This is a 3 tier cake that consists of 2 edible and 1 dummy cake.



Bottom Cake:

  • 16″ round styrofoam and about 4″ thick
  • royal blue fondant
  • Skylander elements cut out from fondant (made 1 week in advance)

I decided to make use of a dummy cake since we don’t really need that much and I wanted to add height to the whole cake.

What is a dummy cake? It is a styrofoam treated like a regular cake, iced with buttercream icing and covered with fondant.




Middle Cake:

  • 8″ round cake and about 5 1/2″ tall
  • cake board
  • orange fondant
  • blue white mix name fondant cut out
  • black fondant with stone texture for border
  • 3 dowel sticks

Markus is LittleMan V’s first name.

I printed out name from word document, font used is Pincoyablack size 220. Lightly mix blue and white fondant and traced each letter from the printed name pattern, used x acto knife to cut. A dowel placed in the middle of the cake to support top tier.

Daddy C took charge of putting on details of the cake – elements and name.


Skylanders Portal of Power Cake


Top Tier – 

  • 5″ round chocolate cake
  • black fondant rolled on stone impression mat
  • 2 stryofoam cake board covered with foil for cake and coaster
  • 4 rice krispy bars covered with fondant
  • light up LED Flashing coaster (bought on ebay)
  • Skylander character – Swarm

Working on Portal of Power Cake


I didn’t know Daddy C took a photo of me while working, this was night before the party. Yey! We have proof that I did make the cake.

A big thanks to MyCupcakeAddiction’s tutorial on light up portal cake (view it here), making this cake was easy.

Portal pillars was made of rice krispies cereal bars covered with black fondant with stone impression. Height  of each bars was perfect to just conceal the light hidden in the cake.

Light Up Portal Power Cake


I carved out a space for the LED flashing coaster to sit on, completely hidden from outside. I placed a paper thin white round fondant on top of the light. A coin was taped on the coaster just before the party started to turn on the flashing light.

3 tier Skylanders Portal of Power Light up Cake

Curious kids poked on the portal cake to make sure that it’s a real cake – gave this Mama a bit of stress. I was afraid the cake would fall or have holes on them before we get to sing Happy Birthday. One kid took the liberty to move the birthday candle and he attempted to drop Swarm on top of the portal. Gave Daddy a scare so we decided to hide Swarm.


Skylanders Portal of Power 3 layer cake


Kid’s kept blurting out “Wow! your cake light’s up just like the real portal.”

Here’s a video I took where you can clearly (I hope!) see the cake light up.

Thank you to LittleMiss’ Ninong Ryan for taking photos, you check his work here.


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  1. Marvelous Abigail! I am so amazed how the cake literally lights up and looks so beautiful. Can definitely see the hard-work gone in to make the cake and I am sure Markus would be feeling so proud of you. Children are so absolutely delighted!

  2. I hope that you are taking orders and making some money from your cake craft Abigail as you have done very very well! Great job!. I cannot believe V is already 7! Where did the time go?1??

  3. Wow that looks so amazing, what a lot of hard work went into that cake! Well done I bet your son was over the moon with it #TastyTuesdays

  4. Hello there, I really enjoyed this and I have to say that your cake is very impressive! I am almost speechless-and had never thought of making a dummy cake-I may well do this for our next birthday in April! x #magicmoments

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