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Aling Foping’s Halo-Halo

Halo-halo is the Philippine’s ultimate summer dessert.  It’s the perfect treat as soon as the weather heat’s up. I remember consuming at least 2-4 glasses of Razon’s halo-halo weekly when I was pregnant with Kuya V.

Aling Foping’s is a well-known outdoor eatery in Davao located at Matina Town Square (MTS), famous for it’s halo-halo, bibingka and chili con carne. It still remains to be one of our pit stop when we’re visiting Mama in Davao, it’s her favorite place to get this cold treat.

Aling Fopings HaloHalo Selection

You will be ask to choose 6 ingredients for your halo-halo. I find it odd though that they would charge an extra 20 PHP for leche flan & ube halaya when both ingredients are basic components that make up halo-halo.

Aling Foping Regular Halo-Halo

You have two options for your halo-halo, regular (no ice cream) cost 85 PHP while the special (with ice cream) cost 105 PHP.

Aling Fopings Durian Halo-halo

I always order Durian Halo-Halo (105 PHP) – consists of pinipig, evaporated milk, durian jam, nata de coco, shaved ice, sugar and durian ice cream. This is a durian overload halo-halo and can be overly sweet because of the jam and ice cream, I suggest you tell them that you add the sugar.

Aling Fopings Chili Con Carne

Another famous staple here is chili con carne (105 PHP), which is said to the Presidents favorite. It is a good chili con carne and the bun compliments it really well.

Aling Fopings Diner

It took them about 20-30 minutes before our food got ready, to think we were the only one’s eating that weekday afternoon. The place can be crowded at night, specially on a weekend. It is outdoor and can become very hot during summer.

Aling Foping’s is the only place I know who offer’s a durian flavored halo-halo, so it for me is a must try for all those who want to try the king fruit. They may not be #1 on my list but they do serve one of the best halo-halo I’ve had in the city.


Aling Foping’s, Matina Town Square

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