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Pretend Play with Peppa Pig House

Oink… oink…

One day, LittleMiss woke up and declared she love’s Peppa Pig. We have not found one item in the store here, it is expected since we are in a Muslim country.

Daddy C went on a business trip to London and only found a Peppa Pig plush toy at the airport before he boarded the plane and it was the last piece. He found this construction playhouse set (similar to Lego) at Toys R Us near his hotel at Houston, without hesitation he bought and had to hand carry back home for the LittleMiss.

Peppa's House Construction Set

LittleMiss greets Peppa’s family good morning and eat breakfast with them. We have spent quite some doing pretend play with her.

The set has 107 pieces, distributed by Jazwares.

Peppa Pig's Play House

As of writing, Frozen characters has joined Peppa’s family in the muddle puddle.

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Hi, my name is Abigail a stay at home Mama of two LittleOnes and currently residing in Dubai, UAE since 2009. This is my little space online where I share activities, places we've been, food we enjoy and snippets of our daily expat life. ‘Cuddles and Crumbs’ is a combination of the two main things I share on this blog: cuddles (family) and crumbs (food).


  1. how interesting, I never thought about the fact that Peppa is not a very welcome character in Muslim Countries. thanks for sharing and…enjoy your playtime 🙂

      • I knew about pork meat not being allowed in Muslim societies but never linked it to Peppa Pig. It’s reasonable and yet interesting!

  2. That playhouse looks amazing – Peppa Pig not being available in Muslim countries was something that had never occured to me either but I can understand why that would be the case. Your daughter looks very happy with her Peppa Pig house #letkidsbekids

  3. Oh she looks happy with her Peppa pig playhouse. My kids loved Peppa (still do if they are honest). I hope she has lots of fun with it.
    Thanks for sharing #LetKidsBeKids

  4. Hello! I’m thinking about buying this set because it looks like it’s compatible with Lego Duplo. How old is your daughter? I’m wondering if I should build onto her Duplos or transition to the normal (smaller) blocks. Thanks! BTW, your daughter is super cute!

    • Hi! She’s 3yrs old. I would definitely suggest that you start her with Duplo’s if she’s the same age with mine. Duplo is much easier to work with for them. This set although not under the Lego brand works great with our existing Duplo set. How old is you daughter?

      • Thanks for the quick reply! My daughter’s also 3. She loves her Duplos and had them since she was 1.5, but my husband’s been wanting to get her the normal Legos. I ended up getting her a Peppa Treehouse set today 🙂 I think expanding to her Duplo collection is the better route. This will be her first Peppa anything!

      • Oh my, the Peppa Pig treehouse is so cute! Please tag me when you decide to post a picture of her playing with it online. I think we have to wait 2 more years before she gets the hang of the regular sized lego.

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