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2016 Bento Week: January 3 – 7

Hello 2016! I’m back to preparing baon for my happy crazy bunch.

I hope this will help and inspire you to pack lunch.


It’s the first day back to school after the winter break. Fried chicken was baked the night before and the steamed rice prepared that morning.

January 3 Hello Kitty BentoLittleMiss starts FS1 in her new school. I wanted to prepare something that will make her smile while she’s in school. She was crying when I left her but was very happy when I picked her up after class. Thankful that her schoolmates made her feel happy.

January 3 Bento Fried ChickenKuya V was excited to see his friends. It’s going to be a busy month for us since we are preparing for his term 1 exams. How I wish they stuck with the exam schedules we had last school year, it was less stressful for all of us.


January 4 Bento - Chicken Tikka RollThe night before we bought bread from Ceasars Bakeshop for baon. Chicken Tikka Roll for Kuya V and Cheese Bun for LittleMiss.


January 5 Bento - Grilled SandwichBread was toasted on a hot frying pan with butter because I don’t own a toaster.

January 5 Bento - Open SandwichLittleMiss on the other hand had an open sandwich because that’s the way she like it.


January 6 Bento - SweetcornLittleMiss don’t like to eat eggs but she came home with just 1 Quail egg left (a win for me!) and of course she complained “Mama, remember I don’t like eggs.”


Both kids had chicken nuggets for school. I woke up late and was in a hurry so no photos.


I post daily in our Instagram account, hope to see you there!

Tag us on any of your bento lunchbox creations and use #UAEMakesBento and #WhatToEatMom on instagram. We are @cuddlesncrumbs on all social media platform.

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  1. Sheila (A, B & Me) says

    Waaah!! so inggit with the bento baon ideas!! Can you make one for me too? (hindi talaga inisip yung anak! hahaha)

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