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The Little Prince by Courtyard Playhouse

We have two copies of The Little Prince book but we have not finished reading the story. I bought our very first copy when I was pregnant to Kuya V, we never get to finish the book in one sitting though.

Thankfully, a movie was released adapted from the story of the Little Prince last 2015. Oh how we enjoyed the movie and yes we finished the whole movie in one sitting. Vierte started flipping through the book and declared that he’s done reading it.

The Little Prince, Courtyard Playhouse

An invite came to my inbox asking to bring the kids along for a magical and interactive experience to watch The Little Prince at The Courtyard Playhouse , I immediately replied YES. I knew that both Kuya V & LittleMiss C will enjoy the interactive play experience, it is also a first time for all of us.

The Courtyard Playhouse, is Dubai’s first independent, family owned and run, KHDA licensed performing arts training centre dedicated improvised theatre. The theatre is located in Al Quoz area just right next to the Times Square and near Bounce.

The place has a cozy feel, photos of past performances adorn the theatre. Inside you will find more or less 60 seats and some bean bags for the audience to sit. The stage was very close to the audience and kids were encouraged to sit on the front row to have a fun experience. We arrived just before the 1pm show and the place was almost full with excited kids eagerly waiting for the play to start. Upon entering the stage each kid got to choose what kind of star sticker would they want.

The Little Prince Improvised Play

Before the play even started, Little Prince and Fox were already entertaining the audience, making sure that everyone is comfortable on their seats. The play started with us meeting the Pilot who asked the kids if they knew where his plane crashed and that he saw Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa before he had engine problem.

Little Prince Courtyard Playhouse

This is the best part of improvised play – the audience particularly children get to interact and join the cast on stage to help Fox and Little Prince find the missing pieces of the Pilot’s plane for it to work again.

Little Prince Improvised Play

LittleMiss C found the last missing piece to fix the plane! She was so happy to find out that the last piece, a yellow triangle was hidden in our seat. At first she did not want to go on stage but when she saw the other kids had fun, she was ok as long as either Dad or Kuya join her. She was so proud to be one of the Little Star who helped Pilot.

Congratulations to the whole cast for the enthusiasm and passion they have showed. We absolutely enjoyed our first improvised play experience and definitely going back for the next one.

Little Prince Courtyard Playhouse Casts

We can highly recommend watching one of there improvised play for the whole family. Courtyard Playhouse also conducts workshops and classes for kids, teens and adults, check the schedule here. For the summer of 2016, they are conducting a Storytelling Summer Camp exploring 5 books of our favorite author, Julia Donaldson, classes are starts on July 3-7 and July 10-14, more details here.

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