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LittleMiss C’s first day in Kindergarten 2

It is officially back to school for us.

Today, LittleMiss C begins this academic year in Kindergarten 2. How I beg her teacher to let her stay in KG-1, I just think she still so young (turned 4 years old last June) to move up the next level. Teacher assured me that with a little bit more work at home she will manage just fine.

We started off the day great. I woke-up before the alarm. Lunchbox prepared the night before. Summer homework pack in her school bag.

Chloe First Day in KG2She was beyond excited on our way to school. We reached school and met her teachers who coincidentally was also Kuya V’s adviser when he was in KG 2. He became very excited for her “You will have fun. They were my teachers before too.”


No idea what made her upset. She even greeted teachers when they met her. I spent 30 minutes consoling her and finally decided to just leave her in tears beside Teacher Belle. I was heartbroken. I wanted to just carry her out of the class and cuddle at home. Deep in my heart I know that her teachers and friends will eventually cheer her up. They did.

She met us with “I am happy with my school now!”

Zaatar Feta Pinwheels Lunchbox

LittleMiss back to school lunchbox was packed in her pink Yumbox Mini. Filled with sausage rolls, zaatar & feta pinwheels, cereal bar and strawberries. She came home with an almost empty box. Yumbox is available locally here in Dubai at Virgin Megastore and {here}.

I am determined to introduce new flavor and healthier food options to our lunchbox. I’m inviting you to join me pack healthy fun school food to our kids. #LetsMakeLunchFun together and raise healthy kids.

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