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LittleMiss Chloe’s 4th Birthday

*Late post.

Just before we left for our 2 months long vacation, we got to celebrate LittleMiss C’s birthday on the day she was born, June 25.

LittleMiss Chloe 4 yrs


As with every birthday in our family, I baked and designed Chloe’s 4th birthday cake, cookies and cake pops in my tiny kitchen. She chose the cake theme and gave me instructions that it should be just pink with a silver tiara. This year, Sheila and Jill helped me finish designing all sugar cookies and party setup.



We looked at several venues and chose to celebrate her birthday at AdventureLand, Sahara Centre. It is close to where we live and we won’t have a hard time traveling back home.

We really liked Adventureland’s party hall, located on the 2nd floor just above the bumper car rides. Children’s table is inside the main party hall where the stage is, while long tables for adults were arranged outside the main hall. I think it will comfortably accommodate 50 guests.

Party Games

Some familiar and new games that kept everyone smiling. The host’s clearly knew what they were doing – each of them took charge of one game while the rest did the setup and the other took care of music.


This is where we had a little issue, we ordered from Pizza Hut and KFC for the adults while kids got to choose a McDo meal. Food choices were settled days before the party, Marivic head of the party hall spoke to all three companies and settled that we will give payment after the party. She assured us that this was the setup they do in each party they host. KFC however did not deliver food on time! Both Pizza Hut and McDo delivered food 10 minutes before the last game was done. Our KFC order arrived 25 minutes after the guest’s have eaten.

Chloe initially did not like a big party and only wanted to invite 3 friends over and have a cake. She only had 3 friends in her party, some kids are Kuya V’s school friends and our closest friends here.

She had so much fun and declared her birthday “the best day ever!”

Happy 4th Birthday Chloe

Happy birthday, Chloe!

We will always be here for you. Always remember that we love you forever and always.

Daddy, Mommy and Kuya


*Huge Thank You to Arence for taking photos during Chloe’s birthday.

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