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Family Friday Brunch at Sufra (Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights)

I was hinting the night before that I want to go to a Friday brunch, found myself searching for Entertainer deals and was happy to see that Sufra of Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights was on the list.

The first time we had brunch at Sufra was during the media lunch of their Family Friday Brunch. It was our first time in the hotel then and I fell in love with the relaxing ambience as you enter the lobby and all that natural light was just so beautiful. My husband and I agreed that we should go back and try out their brunch without strings attached.

Sufra’s Friday Brunch serve different cuisines from the Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Indian and Western specialties, wide range of seafood options and specials from the in house La Tablita Mexican restaurant.

One of the memorable dishes during our first visit was served by La Tablita – I can’t get enough of their empenadas even the kids enjoy them. The tamarind drink was also soo good. We are planning to dine at the Mexican restaurant soon.

They also have something to cater seafood lovers – oysters, lobster, shrimps and salmon to name a few. My boys kept going back to get perfectly grilled lamb chops and Peking duck wraps.

Sufra Friday Brunch Desserts SpreadAnd much to my children’s delight a wide selection of dessert to satisfy their sweet tooth. Can you see how relaxing the natural lights is in the lobby?

Sufra Friday Brunch Dessert SpreadOne dish that I miss in the dessert section is kunafa, they served fresh kunafa for the guest’s to enjoy. I spoke to one of the chef’s to express my disappointment (hehehe). They also offer a variety of fruits for those who want to cut a high sugar intake.

Sufra Friday Brunch Kids ActivityBoth kids kept themselves busy making crafts at the kids area. This is located outside the restaurants main seating area, so if you have kids you might want to request a table close where you can have a glimpse of the little ones. During our visit one lady was assisting kids with crafts and making sure they were nice to each other.

We highly recommend Sufra’s Friday brunch if you are looking to spend a relaxing weekend brunch for your family. Menu change every week so you will surely have something new to enjoy each visit. Good food and beautiful ambience.

Sufra Restaurant is located at the lobby area of Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights (Dubai Healthcare City). Friday brunch costs 189 AED per person that includes soft beverages, runs from 12:30 pm to 4:00 pm.

*This is not a sponsored post.

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