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Spreading Healthy Lunchbox Fun with Al Islami

We had a fun filled and exciting weekend at the Al Islami Kids Club mall invasion held at Arabian Center last Friday.

The event I was most excited about that day was the Lunchbox Competition. We had more than ten participants who prepared healthy and creative lunchboxes.

al islami kids club lunchbox competition

A lot of the participants had a clear game plan on how to present Al Islami protein products the star of their lunchboxes. It seems like the parents were more tensed during the competition (I would be too), I could hear them giving instruction to their kids and making sure that they don’t forget important components like fruits and vegetables.

al islami kids club lunchbox competition

I joined Alisha Haque of SCAFA and teen Chef Bella on stage as one of the judge for the competition.


Before the competition, I was in the meet and greet booth talking about the three bento lunch boxes I prepared showcasing six Al Islami Food products.

Inside our first lunchbox we have a grilled Al Islami Chicken Sheesh Kebab on top of a whole wheat, Al Islami Cheese Samosa, lettuce, grapes and kiwi.

chicken sheeh kebab lunchbox al islami

Our second lunchbox is similar to what the kids had for school lunch last week. Use Alladin Chicken Popcorn as pizza toppings with some vegetables, Al Islami sweet corn kernels, Al Islami Tuna Spring Rolls and kiwi.

chicken popcorn lunchbox al islami bento

Finally for the third lunchbox we use Al Islami’s Beef Kibbeh and Alladin Chicken Nuggets packed with panda shaped rice, grapes and cherry tomatoes.

beef kibbeh lunchbox al islami

Here’s the rest of the lunchbox I prepared for the kids to bring at school last week.

Chicken franks turned to octopus and crab on top of pasta with marinara sauce.

Al Islami Chicken Franks Bento Lunchbox

Chicken popcorn as pizza toppings similar to the one I presented on the day of the mall invasion.

Al Islami Chicken Popcorn Bento Lunchbox

Fellow mommy blogger, Sheila of AB and Me and I got a chance to show and talk to families on how to make healthier and fun lunch boxes for their kids.

Al Islami Kids Club Mommy Blogger

It was such a fulfilling experience sharing all the fun ideas with the parents who like us also struggle to keep their kids interested in eating their food at home and school.

al islami kids club bento lunchbox

I think that we have at least encouraged few parents who visited our booth to take that extra step to pack a fun and healthier lunch boxes for the kids.

Thank you Al Islami Food for giving me the opportunity to join your campaign to inspire happier and healthier kids.


Make sure you follow our accounts on Instagram, @cuddlesandcrumbs for more lunchbox ideas and use #LetsMakeLunchFun hashtag on all your pack lunchboxes.

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  1. supermomy says

    Lovely post Abigail! It’s great that your lunch box ideas have got so much exposure 💕 Wishing you all the best for more such events and collaborations 👏 PS : you are looking very pretty in the pics 😍

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