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Rainforest Cafe

Eat, watch fountain show, visit footlocker, and say “Hi” to the crocodile – sums’ up our visit to Dubai Mall.

Crocodile! In the mall? Yes, a big one welcomes mall visitors as they pass by Rainforest Café.

This is our second time dining in the café and on both visit we celebrated something special. First visit was to celebrate V’s 3rd birthday and this time to congratulate him for doing a good job in school.

Thursday morning we told him that Dad and I had a surprise because he is a super big brother and for doing good in school. He immediately though of his SkyLander Giants collection and started talking about the characters he wants to buy. I told him it was not a toy but we are sure he’s going to love the surprise.

V was obviously excited that even the bus nanny told us that he can’t stop talking about the special surprise gift we have for him, he played a guessing game with his bus friends.

We walked our usual Dubai mall trail and when he saw me stop right in front of the crocodile (or is it an alligator) V gasped “Oh! I know! We are going to eat here?! It’s my surprise?!”

V got to choose where to sit and of course he wanted to sit near the fishes.  Inside Rainforest Café you get a good view of the Dubai Mall aquarium, one of the divers welcomed us with a wave.


photo captured using FujiFilm X20

Our table was near the aquarium across the rainforest animals which was just perfect for us to enjoy a “jungle animal show” which happens every 30 minutes. During this time the animals (monkeys, elephants, and snakes) come alive making noises along with the sound of rain and thunder. LittleMiss C was screaming with them as well hehehe.


photo captured using Iphone 5 Panorama

Our server for the night, Abegail took our orders and suggested to have V’s food serve along with the appetizer that we ordered. Manager for the night Mr. Mohammed made sure that we were comfortable, he also did visit other guests as well.

Appetizer: Pita Quesadillas

Daddy C and I enjoyed every bite the filling was full of meat, cheesy and tasty. I didn’t mind the thickness of the pita bread but Daddy C would have liked a thinner bread.


photo captured using FujiFilm X20

V’s Kid Meal: Poppin’ Shrimp

The meal came along with a Apple juice that was served in a spill proof cup. V enjoyed his shrimps and finished the whole bowl and described it as “crunchy outside, soft and yummy inside”


photo captured using FujiFilm X20

Mom’s Main Dish: TBone Steak

Daddy C mistakenly requested medium well (I prefer med-rare) but surprisingly the “done-ness” of the steak was tender enough for my liking despite it being med-well. I also ordered Mango Monkey juice drink.


photo captured using Iphone 5

Daddy’s Main Dish: Steak and Shrimps

Daddy C ordered the winning dish on our table, he particularly enjoyed the buttered shrimp.

RainForest Main Steak & Shrimps

photo captured using FujiFilm X20

V also helped himself with a few bites of my steak and Dad’s shrimp and vegetables. LittleMiss C had corn and peas which I prepared at home or her dinner.

We didn’t have any room for dessert but was really tempted to order “Sparkling Volcano” I guess we need to schedule another visit and have some room for it.

Mommy notes:


photo captured using Iphone 5

  • Your kids might fancy a jungle themed party, Rainforest Cafe is the perfect venue they have a good space for your party needs. Visit facebook page Rainforest Cafe, Dubai Mall to inquire on birthday party packages.
  • For those moments when your little one needs to pee, a comfortLoo is located inside the café with a changing table too.

Disclaimer: Rainforest Cafe, Dubai Mall invited us to enjoy and dine in the forest with them. 



  1. I’ve wanted to take the kids but Baby E kind of freaks out at the noises and animals. Maybe over the summer we’ll try again. Love the location and the pics of the food look yummy. 😀

    • LittleMiss was scared at first then she just kinda started screaming with them, while V still holds on to Dad.

  2. Erica {let why lead} says

    We had a rainforest cafe in the mall near us growing up, and I always looked inside longingly, wanting to go in, but my parents never took us. 🙂 haha. To this day, I’ve never been, so thanks for the peek inside!

    • You’re welcome! It’s a treat for the kids I’m sure your bunch will love it inside. I think the only difference our rainforest cafe have from the other branch is the aquarium view.

      • Erica {let why lead} says

        Yeah, the aquarium view is definitely a big plus! Pretty awesome!

    • Hi Carla, thanks for dropping by. It definitely is a must visit place specially if you have kids.

  3. We finally got to go! We went for a birthday party the other day and S loved it. In my opinion it’s a bit loud and kind of intimidating in there for babies though. I think it’s a combo of the dark lighting, hidden animals that come to life every 1/2 hour, and the loud music.

    I was surprised that the food was actually quite yummy. Definitely a good family-friendly restaurant.

    • Kids ages 3 and up will surely enjoy the ambiance but I agree that it can be a bit too “busy” for babies.
      Was the party hosting and activities fun?

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