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Philippine Passport Renewal in Dubai for Kids

LittleMiss C’s passport expires this year and what I thought was a daunting task only took us 12 minutes! I could not believe that we were done with the whole process that fast, sharing with you some tips for a smooth and fast process.


5 tips for a FAST Passport Renewal process for kids

1)      Prepare DOCUCMENTS and bring EXTRA COPY. You can save and fill out the E-Passport Application Form on your computer. I strongly suggest you type the information needed from your computer to avoid misspelled names and be sure to recheck once printed. Form and documents needed for passport renewal are listed in the Dubai Philipine Consulate General (PCG) website.

2)      Talk to your child about the whole process and why they need to have this done. Practice how they should smile without teeth showing. You will be asked to remove jewelry and have your daughters hair tucked behind ears so keep hair tidy. I told LittleMiss that a person will take her photo so she can ride the airplane again.

3)      Start early. Your child is already skipping school and used to waking up early so take advantage of that to avoid waiting for a long time. Consulate working hours starts at 8 am. We arrived at around 7:30 am and was allowed to wait inside the premises. Always check PCG site and Facebook page to find out if consulate timings and if open on the day of your planned visit.

4)      Talk to the guard and/or PCG staff about the purpose of your visit. As soon as we entered the consulate gate I greeted the guard and told him I was there to renew my daughter’s passport. He then told me to go straight to the Mini Hall and give my papers at window.

5)      Bring exact amount. As of January 2016, I paid 240 DHS for the passport renewal. Prepare 100, 50, and 5 denomination bills.

You do not need to get prior appointment for any passport process if its for

  • Newborn baby
  • Kids ages 5 years old and below
  • If you Lost your passport
  • You work as Maid

PCG Dubai confirmed that the four listed above do not need to get appointment to process passport application and renewal. Below screenshot was the confirmation I received from PCG Dubai facebook page.

Important links:

Website of Website of Philippine Consulate General of Dubai

Facebook page of Philippine Consulate General of Dubai

Our friends over at AB and ME wrote a more detailed post on how to renew your child’s Philippine passport in Dubai, here.

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  1. 12 minutes – I am so jealous. Had mine done a couple of months ago and had to wait at least a week if I remember correctly.

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