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Freshly Foods – My Emergency Food Stash

Do you have those days where you just don’t have any idea on what to feed your family?

I have plenty.

I try my best to plan our weekly menu but sometimes life as a stay-at-home mom gets in the way. Why? I wear several hats – a chef, blogger, main cleaner, teacher (my eldest it seems have exams every week), playmate and referee…are just a few hats I wear. It is overwhelming.

As much as I want to prepare fresh cooked food every meal time for my bunch (kids + husband), I sometimes just don’t have the energy (and time) to do it.  So I rely on store bought frozen food a few times a week (specially for lunch box) to get by. Choosing the right one is quite a bit of a challenge because I have to make sure that it is not made of junk and that my kids will eat it.

Freshly Foods Products

While shopping at Lulu Hypermarket we chanced upon the tasting booth of Freshly Foods  a company that prides itself for producing premium and MDM free food products. My kids loved everything at the tasting booth that they kept going back for more – it was already a Mama must have product in my books.

What is MDM? It means “Mechanically Deboned Meat”, which basically means that machine crushed bones is mixed in your food (eww!). Freshly Foods does not do this MDM stuff, they only use 100% pure chicken breast. As a parent who try my best to provide the healthiest possible food I can afford for my kids, this is one product I need. It is convenient, affordable and taste really good too.

Freshly Foods Chicken Shawarma Lettuce Wrap

One of our favorite Freshly Food product is the Gourmet Chicken Shawarma Meat. Here, I gave it a twist by serving it as a filling to a Chicken Lettuce Wrap drizzled with garlic yoghurt sauce for Kuya V’s school lunch box. All you really need to do is pan fry meat on a little oil since it has been pre marinated already.  

I will be using some Freshly Foods product in the coming weeks, so be sure to watch out for it on our Instagram account.

Meantime, to learn more about this amazing find visit them online here and here.


Disclaimer: I have been buying Freshly Foods product even before I was contacted to do a sponsored post for them. As always, all opinions are my own.

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